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Sonic Cash Net Complaints & Reviews

Sonic Cash Net - California, Los Angeles / Awful company


This morning I received threatening voice mails from a person named 'Michael'. This person had a very thick foreign accent. The call was made from a Verizon phone which, when called back had been disconnected. The 818 number was left to call back. The caller claimed in the messages that he represented someone I owed money to and if either myself or my attorney did not call 'post haste' that Officers of the Law would appear at my door to arrest me the next day. At the end of the messages the person said, 'If you do not comply, I can only wish you good luck for the...

Sonic Cash Net / Unsolicited phone calls


I received a phone call @ 9:23 am. I did not understand the caller the accent was very thick. I was told I was going to be indicted for internet fraud. I kept saying i did not understand, so, another person got on the phone. This other person started yelling at me that I took out a loan and did not pay it back. I informed this person that I had filed for bankruptcy. I lost my house and I included the payday loans in with the bankruptcy. the person said he did not care and continued to yell at me that I had better pay back this money or I would go to jail. I hung up. This man then called my...

Sonic Cash Net / Fraud / harrassment


I received a call first from an "Officer William Hammil" but when I called back, spoke to a "Scott Miller" (both of these gentlemen had Indian accents) also, alot of noise in the back ground. Alot of echo on the phone line, indicative of a phone call to/from India/overseas. Anyway, told me I had a loan with Sonic Cash Net and was going to be prosecuted for Corruption of Check charges (bogus charge) theft by deception (bogus charge) and something else, can't remember now. Anyway, he had my home address, my place of work name and my bank name. Nothing else. Told me that I would be...

Sonic Cash Net - Missouri, Kansas City / Fraud


I got a call today from this same Max Cotter with a very heavy accent saying that I had taken out a payday loan and refused to pay it back. He kept trying to get me to verify my social security number. I kept telling him that I was not verifying any information until he told me who he was, what he wanted and who he represented. All he kept saying was that he represented "The law firm", but couldn't tell me the law firm's name. Then he proceeds to tell me my address, my email and my employer's name. He told me that I was going to be picked up on Monday by a law offical and taken...