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Snuggie Complaints & Reviews

Snuggie - New Jersey / FRAUDULENT! SCAM! BEWARE!!!!


Their online practices are fraudulent. They add extra items even though you do not select them, and charge exorbitant shipping. I ordered two-for-one snuggies, deferred any extra offers and when I cliked submit, they added two additional snuggies and 30.00 shipping! I called to cancel the order but they said it takes up to 24 hours to get processed in the system. After calling for two more days, I finally spoke with someone named Tony who cancelled the order. Then, I got billed for them a week later!!! I am calling to dispute the charges and had better get satisfaction. Buy these anywhere but online. They are deceptive, fraudulent, and dishonest.

Snuggie - Alabama / unfair shipping


Thought I would chime in here on the whole snuggie scam fiasco that the internet is littered with complaints about. I placed an order for 4 of them yesterday. They trick you into buying 4 by making you think you're buying 2 but they sell the snuggies as a PAIR so 1 order quantity = 2 snuggies. Furthermore, they charge nearly $8 PER snuggie shipping so 4 snuggies = $31 = a $91 order..which they don't disclose this amount until AFTER your order is place. now, I understand the math adds up and that TECHNICALLY they aren't breaking rules (ethical rules maybe) but I called to cancel the...

Snuggie / Snuggie is a SHOCK HAZARD!!!!!!!!


I got the red snuggie as a gift from my ex who ordered it online and was ripped off by them charging multiple orders etc.. that's just one complaint but not my main complaint. My main complaint is that the Snuggies are not SAFE! They are a serious shock hazard at home and at work on cold days especially but on any day! They emit a serious static charge that if you wear it long enough and touch a conductive surface such as your water faucet, door handle or anything metal, you will get the shock of your life. I was shocked many times and the last one numbed my arm for 30minutes. I thought i...

Snuggie / Scam


I like a lot of people here fell into the snuggie scam. From getsnuggie. Got charged for snuggies that I nver ordered/extra snuggies. Shipping and handing was way too high. I was I under the impression that I canceled my order but still got charged. ETC. I live in Maryland. I filed a complaint to the Maryland Consumer Protection Agency. They were able to help. They did not sound like they have received many complaints. I was surprised. I would suggest where ever you live that you file a complaint with a Consumer Protection Agency to help stop this scam instead of just posting complaints online.

Snuggie / 100% Return Policy


I ordered Snuggie's because I lived in a REALLY cold area and before they arrived, I moved. When they came I returned them per their 100% guarantee return policy. First of all, I NEVER was able to find a phone number to call and talk to an actual person. I got a computer that gave me a RM# to put on the return package. I have tried to email and ask where my refund response. No refund yet. BE CAREFUL!

Snuggie / Order misplaced/horrid customer service


Placed an order for a Snuggie on Feb 25. Their "buy-one-get-one" deal isn't so great when you discover shipping is $15.90 and this only AFTER you place your order. It nearly doubles the price of the order. So, I waited until March 17 to check on the order status as I hadn't received a confirmation email, shipment - nothing. They have by far the most frustrating automated phone system EVER. One number routes to the other which kicks to you back to the first one. Finally I found a human being at 800-566-2888 who verified for me everything the automated voices were telling me - my order...

Snuggie - Maryland, Hagerstown / Product Quality and Customer Service


1. Product arrived after 2 - weeks and the first Snuggie I opened had a two inch section that was not sewn together an obvious manufacturing flaw. 2. $31.80 shipping costs were excessive... at least 3 times the actual shipping cost! 3. They prevent one from being able to talk with a live person and instead relied on an automated voice recording. 4. When I asked to return the items and get a refund they automatically and immediately offered me a $20.00 credit... a no questions asked refund credit. I will wait to see if they actually put this credit back on my credit card before responding further.

Snuggie / Unclear/misleading advertising


Advertisement is fraudulent. I thought I was buying one item, receiving a second one free with a free gift, agreeing to pay all S&H. The word "set" is the trick. Instead I received 4 items with 4 so-called free gifts. The ordering process is fraudulent in that it does not give the consumer the opportunity to review his order before submission. I received the products with no invoice enclosed. Lastly the product is not warm and fluffy as advertised. The blankets feel like cheap towels. Also before placing your order the site attempts to upgrade the product and attempts to sale you other item...

Snuggie - New York / misrepresentation


I ordered 2 snuggies online in Dec. 2017 but when ordering there was no place to edit or review or to confirm the order. When I got an email from Snuggie with the order, the price was much more than I thought it was going to be plus the shipping amount was very high at $30.00 about. I tried several times to contact Snuggie to cancel the order but never could get thru to them as circuits or customer representatives were always busy assisting other customers. (that is what their phone message said). I then called my credit card company to see if they could stop payment, they put my card on hold...

Snuggie / snuggie scam


snuggie intentionally misleads consumers to take advantage of multiple eight dollar shipping charges by duplicating orders. these bogus charges will not appear on your statement until items have shipped and you will receive no confirmation email prior to inform you of the inflated charges. class action please. down with snuggie!!!

Snuggie - Alabama, Selma / Fraud, overcharging, not completing order


My mother was going to order this for me for Christmas, She called the company in the beginning of December. When they told her that she would be charged for the "free" blankets shipping and handeling and that shipping and handeling was almost as much as the actual blanket. She was put on hold. She decided not to purchase the blankets. She hung up when she got another call. She never acutally confirmend the order. Today, January 29th 2009 more than a month later, the charges came thru. My mother is on disability and a fixed income. As most of us are right now, with this economy. She had a...

Snuggie / Horrible Website/Order Still Not Received


I was also duped on the Snuggie website and accidently ordered 4 snuggies (2 bought/2 free) instead of the 2 (buy one, get one) that I wanted to purchase for my kids. I was very annoyed when I realized that the total came to $66.70. SERIOUSLY, $31.80 for shipping?!? Gee - slight mark-up on the shipping charge?!? The Snuggie website is completely horrible. Never did I get a confirmation page to review my order, or I would have definitely not ordered the extra Snuggie. I'm guessing their website is purposely set up that way to make sure you end up ordering more of their product than you...

Snuggie - Connecticut / cancel order


i have a snuggie that has been backordered: the number is: 25409200902130197. how do you cancel the order?!?!

Snuggie - Illinois, Schaumburg / Order incorrect/Can't cancel


I had the misfortune of ordering a Snuggie blanket for $132.55 tonight from this shameless company! I believe this company purposely set up this user "unfriendly" website in order to confound interested buyers and/or curious shoppers into buying their products and upgrades. They don't have the normal safeguards that other "more reputable" retailers use on their websites. Such as telling the buyer "up front" what they "are" or "are not" getting. They cleverly get your credit card information "before" you order... and once you click a button and go to the next page there is no turning back!...

Snuggie / real company


all the people who ordered snuggies from bogus websites I'm sorry. If you want the product I suggest going to the real website. If you go to the real site you can get real information, tracking, receipt, charges. Here is the REAL company. If you notice Trade Mark symbol is next to Snuggie. I gurantee that if you go to the site you all ordered your snuggies from you will not see the TM. They are scam sites. See below for th real Company ToCustomer Service We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you have any questions about ordering or about any of our...

Snuggie - Pennsylvania / rip off


I am furious that I have been ripped off! I went to check the status on my order and the website does not come up. I ordered 6 weeks ago. Also, when you call the company, it gives you number after number to hang up and call and the final number they give you just hangs up on you. I will tell everyone that I know NOT TO BUY SNUGGIE BLANKETS because it is a SCAM!!!

Snuggie - New York, Averill Park / Cannot contact anyone


I was looking to place an order- It doesnt show you a summary of your purchase before you buy- you hit ciontinue after entering your credit card uinfo (most websites show a summary and then you have the option to proced or cancel) once you hit continue- You bought it... No way to go back... cannot contact company- all phone numbers are automated... cant pull up your order info when you do call auto system or online... no way to cancel... Says buy one get one free- they charge you so much shipping- thast why one is buy one get one free...