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Snickers Complaints & Reviews

Snickers / snickers bar 4 square

Feb 2, 2019

I just purchased a 4 square snickers bar and it only came with 3 square - why are you playing with our emotions? First you change the recipe to make the chocolate too hard (used to be creamy), then you started making the bars smaller and smaller (what used to be 4inches is now a bit less than 3inches) and you advertise to have 4 squares of snickers in a package but you only put 3... 🤷‍♀️ Now, unless this is supposed to be a new contest where who ever finds the 4 square snickers with only 3 squares wins $10, 000... What should we do? Or rather, what would you do with this situation?🤔 It's called false advertising...!😱

Snickers / snickers minis

Aug 29, 2018

Who would've thought 2 bags of mini variety pack snickers (in a row) that I've purchased would have many open ones inside. I started pouring them into a container and behold it was all sticky. The almond, and peanut butter ones were either open and/ or have exploded inside the bag. Bag # 811BG4IL11 expires 01/2019 12:38 was one of the bags. I'm highly disappointed and hope to get a replacement or a refund on it.

Snickers / snickers almond mini

May 19, 2018

The snickers almond mini were not properly cut. It was either cut in half or a bit less. The sealing wasn't fully closed. Some were open. This happen this Friday May 18, 2018. If you could just repair the situation that would be great since I need them for a graduation party. I opened the bag and I find those little monstrosity. I really need them for my daughters graduation party.

Snickers - New Jersey, Hackettstown / snickers minis - party size

Jul 4, 2017

Batch no. 711DM4PA20 Batch date 02/2018 There were many snicker minis sachets that were not properly cut. Some sachets were linked and not cut in proper size. Many minis were open and not properly sealed. All this in one party size pack. Wonder how many there will be in the other 3 bags that I bought to give away to friends. This is embarrassing. Open minis are a health hazard as they could be contaminated and not hygienically sealed in the factory. How is it that the package was not quality checked. With several sachets empty, I am not sure whether there was a weight was actually right or that...

Snickers / Commercial

Nov 29, 2011

Come on Snickers - Great White Sharks eating people who just ate snickers with peanut butter. That's not cool man.

Snickers - Tennessee, Millington / We found a bone or something while eating the candy bar.

Sep 19, 2011

When i was eating the snickers candy bar i found a bone or something that looked like a bone in my candy bar.

Snickers - California, San Diego / Bad candy


I bought a Snickers bar and was promised to be satisfied. This did not happen after consuming 1 snickers bar full or chocolate, caramel, nugget, and nuts. Instead my life is spiraling into a burning put of hell with President George Bush at the head whipping the Iraqis into submission. Down, down into this pit of hell which suddenly starts to resemble oil. Wait... this is a pit of hellish oil! Was that an exit to Global Warming we just missed... oh well Mr. Bush seems to know the fastest way down to the depths of this pit. My eyes burned as I try to keep the fumes from burning my eyes. The oil...