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Serenity Travel Complaints & Reviews

Serenity Travel - Delaware, Newark / Please clarify the scam?


I am really upset now! I appear to be a victim of this Serenity Travel ordeal. I believe I just did a stupid thing. I purchaed this membership this Saturday. I am usually a person that if it sounds too good to be true, it is person, but wanting to save on vacations is important to me and I thought this was the answer. Now that I see the comments, I feel so sick. I do not know what to do. ONe thing I am not clear about is what exactly is the scam. Is it that once you join you are not able to book the kind of vacation you want? Is the quality of the vacation places or discounts at underscale...

Serenity Travel / malicious invasion of privacy


DVI/SERENITY TRAVEL/DEL RAY TRAVEL it's all going to come tumbling down on you. Samantha Mansfield please find a good employment lawyer. This is serious don't allow this. Your rights have been violated. Especially from a former employer. Please file a lawsuit against them NOW. malicious invasion of privacy n. the intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring a lawsuit for damages against the person or entity that intruded...

Serenity Travel - Delaware, Newark / Scam/Dishonest


Beware! We were victims of a scam. My husband and I attended a presentation in Newark DE. We agreed to pay over $3000 for travel incentives. Three of the employees bragged how they had worked for Marriott Timeshare. Well, as Marriott Timeshare owners, we sincerely thought that this was a legitimate business. Well, all is not true. We filed a "dispute" with our credit card company and filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Delaware. Thank goodness for that information obtained at this site. Question: Can anyone tell me about the class action suit in NJ?

Serenity Travel - Delaware, Newark / Fraud


To follow your gut, thanks for your honesty. We too were victims of this travel scam. Anyone who experiences this should immediately contact DELAWARE'S Consumer Fraud and Protection agency at Attorney General Biden's Office (800)-220-5424. You can also go on line to get a complaint form at Look for the red box marked complaints on the right side of the page. GOOD LUCK!