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I got a phone call tonight saying I won $1000.00 online shopping spree and all I had to do was pay $3.83 a week for 5 magazines for 60 months. I was sceptical about the whole thing...It seemed too good to be true. Each time I asked a question, they kept saying over and over again congratualtions, Yup, all you have to do is pay for the subsriptions and you get the $1000.00. They never once awnsered all my questions thoroughly. They then asked for my credit card to bill for the magazines. I didn't understand and was concerned that they couldn't bill me. I finaly asked if I could call... - North Carolina, Williamston / Pay to get items


Car dealership offered a $1000 gift certificate when you test drive one of their vehicles. This is a gift certificate scam. You pay for every item you choose...Many of the charges are more than the item is worth...