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Sandos Resort Complaints & Reviews

Sandos Resort / New Scam

Jan 13, 2014

We received a call today from Sandos stating that they are canceling our membership due to the fact that a new company is taking over their resort. After speaking to Anthony Ramirez he said that are membership was not going to be valid with the new company that we need to purchase a new 10year contract, After doing research online. we found out that the owners we arrested in Spain we called Sandos and they told us it was just a misunderstanding and it was all fixed, but are still telling us that we need to purchase a new contract. Is anyone going throught the same thing.

Sandos Resort - California, San Francisco / Got Scammed

Jan 13, 2014

SANDOS IS SHUTTING DOWN!!! I received a call today from Patricia Alvarez telling us that Sandos is being taken over by new owners, They asked us for a cancelation fee of $4290.00USD, when we asked them why we need it to cancel they told us our membership was soon going to expire we purchased a 10year membership were only 3 years into our membership and now they are telling us we only have 30days to cancel or purchase a new one with the new ownership. Does anyone know whats going on?

Sandos Resort / How Do I sell My Sandos Resort Timeshare?

May 05, 2011

How do timeshares sell with each other, and how can we sell them? Can anyone sell timeshares, or only a gifted few? Researchers around the country have been studying intra and inter-resort exchanging for many years. Studies range from trying to interpret Hilton Points to using timeshare points to Sheraton, but the fundamental, most basic type of exchanging, common to all resort including resort sales staff, is patience. Effective timeshare sales is defined as the transfer of pictures, points and feelings using a listing service. This is how Sandos Resorts member know when to change leads in...