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Saker Shoprite Complaints & Reviews

Saker Shoprite - New Jersey, Pennington / store manager

Aug 20, 2017

I am completely floored by the treatment I witnessed from a store manager to a department manager! The attitude, the language, and just the way he ganged up on this employee for no good reason. I get it, I know its all about retail, but when you don't have the sales due to no fault of the dept manager, but for lack of customers, weather, or season, regardless is no reason to attack the poor employee, because I know they work their [censor] off on weekends and holidays as well, and this particular employee was there constantly, day in day out and had no help. I noticed her being by herself...

Saker Shoprite - New Jersey, Ewing / threats to employees

Apr 14, 2011

The HR (Human Resources), which is not Human by any means, continues to threaten jobs in that store. Several employees have been written up on nonsense accusations by a troubled employee. Fact finding is not a strong suit for this store. They have violated some of the Amendment that people are entitled to, which is not a concern of theirs. Several of us employees are thinking about a lawsuit against this store & the HR. According to the local Unemployment office, 2/3's of 1 case-worker is former employees of this store. It does NOT say alot for the mannerism of this company. Employees are afraid to talk to each other fearing that they will be next on the s store's hit-list.

Saker Shoprite - New Jersey, West Long Branch / store managers and owners


What a horrible store. The managers are a joke, the employees are obviously unappreciated. I saw a tall gangly manager yelling at an employee for not taking a woman with a full cart of groceries in their 6 items or less line. What is the point of having signs when these New York bennies think they can come in and be pampered and catered to by this a**hole manager whose name is Mr. Geary. What a creep!! No wonder that store has such an employee turnover, I never see the same cashier twice. The Sakers should be ashamed of themselves. All they are are money grubbing a**holes. That store should be shut down for health violations. DON'T SHOP IN THIS STORE!!!

Saker Shoprite - New Jersey, Freehold / nasty vindictive and accuse people of stealing


Went into this ugly and dirty Saker ShopRite for some groceries. I reached into my handbag to look at my coupons and then continued on my way. Finished shopping, surly and stupid cashier by the way. Paid for all, and on my way out, a security agent called "Adam" stopped me and asked me if i took anything, I said no but he said if I cooperate nothing would happen. Took me into a little airless room with my cart, and his cohort went through the cart and my receipt messing up all of my food. Adam went through my handbag, which is illegal and claimed that i took a bottle of aspirin which was mine...

Saker Shoprite - New Jersey, Lakewood / [censor]


This store is horrible - it is filthy and the workers are surly and nasty. Then there is the fact that they are watching people on a video at all times and commenting on them. They make ethnic comments. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am trying to get the government after them, hope I succeed. What a horrible experience. Try pathmark, its much friendlier and better. Its also clean. The workers are so helpful and nice there. The owner of shoprite richard saker is a money hungry pimple faced loser.