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Run Local Locksmith Complaints & Reviews

Run Local Locksmith - Florida, Jacksonville / Poor customer service, overcharge for services, scam

May 3, 2012

On April 24th, my husband locked his keys inside his Jeep. I called Run Local and got a quote of fifteen to get the technician out and fifty dollars max. They said they can have someone out in 15 minutes. I called PopALock and they said it will take 30-40minutes. I decided to go with Run Local because of their response time. That was a huge mistake. They took over an hour and a half to get to my husband then wanted to charge him $120 for the call. My husband has a Jeep Wrangler and it's not that hard to get into. My husband said that it was too much and the guy knocked it down to $80...

Run Local Locksmith - Michigan, Center Line / Unethical / Illegal Practices

Jan 31, 2012

I am providing this information to make the fine citizens of Clarksville, TN and Ft. Campbell, Ky more aware of the unethical and illegal practices of RUN LOCAL LOCKSMITH (a Michigan-based company). I have worked as a licensed locksmith for 12 years in the Clarksville, TN area for a well-established locksmith company. Run Local Locksmith skirts the legal requirements of Tennessee's licensing requirements by being licensed in TN, but they contract UNLICENSED locksmiths to perform services for them in TN. -----> Hey folks... that is ILLEGAL !!! Many complaints of their "tactics" have...

Run Local Locksmith / Horrible Overall Experience

Jan 15, 2012

I'll try to keep this as brief and succinct as possible. It's a long story. I needed a key made for my car because I lost it. I called Run Local and made an appointment for a technician to meet me at the car and make a new key. The technician was almost three hours late, and didn't call once. Once he got there, he broke my door in the process of making my key. (I didn't realize it was broken until after he left.) He gave me a key, and took my $180 in cash, for which he would not give me a receipt. The key would not start the car, or even let me into the car because the...

Run Local Locksmith - New York / Misrepresentation

Dec 5, 2011

One of our group home directors called their telephone number in error. (When you do an online search for our local locksmith, Run Locals name comes up) (The Run Local representative told me they "were allowed" to do that because they were in the same area) This company totally misrepresented themselves. They were asked point blank "Are you Rap*** Locksmith" when they arrived. They answered yes. But they were not. When they presented a bill, it was for three times the amount normally charged for that service. The worst part is, we strongly suspect that the locks were keyed with generic key...

Run Local Locksmith - Washington, Seattle / Unlicensed Locksmith

Jun 3, 2011

Got locked out of my house and was trying to figure out who to call. They are the #1 paid search result returned on Bing and Google when you search for "Seattle Locksmith". So I called them. They said the locksmith would arrive in 10-20 minutes. He arrived about 45 minutes later. He drove up in an old unmarked car. Tried to pick the lock and after 10 min said it wasnt possible. He drilled the door and replaced the lock. Charged us about $100 extra to rekey the lock even though the web site says rekeying should be free. Total came out to $400. He said his credit card machine was broken and...

Run Local Locksmith / Fraud

May 18, 2011

This company is a total not do business with them!!! They advertise a $15 fee and will not give you a real quote or estimate prior to coming to your home. The person they dispatched to unlock our car took one minute to pop open the car door then told us the bill would be nearly $300! This is highway robbery! The person was not in a company vehicle of any kind and was not very professional whatsoever. DO NOT TRUST "RUN LOCAL LOCKSMITH" TO GIVE YOU A FAIR SERVICE FOR A FAIR PRICE AND I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT LETTING THEM INTO YOUR HOME!!!

Run Local Locksmith - Ohio / run local locksmith offer a 90-day guarantee on all of our work


I agree with the services offered by Run local locksmith are great and worth the amount spend . They offer a variety of services at reasonable cost with a lot of efficiency and in specified time. They offer Lock installation, lock repair, and installation of all types of locks. They carry locks for all of your security needs. They charge a $19 service fee for every customer visit they make. The total cost of your job will depend on the services rendered as labor plus materials purchased along with the $19 service call. They have great prices with great customer service and you benefit from...

Run Local Locksmith - South Carolina / Run Local Locksmith were extremely justified in their work.


I was so pissed off at myself for getting locked out the second time! Last time, I called some bizarre contracting service and dealt with a dishonest weirdo (whom I wasn't very comfortable with knowing where I live). I didn't want to go through the similar experience so searched on the internet and found that Run Local locksmith is worth taking a chance as they have collect a huge amount of positive reviews. Now, I can safely say that they were extremely justified in their work. Far efficient, quick, affordable and reliable. I would never ever give second thought before ringing them up whenever I would need them.

Run Local Locksmith - Georgia / In future I'll only ring up Run Local Locksmith


I hardly take out time to write reviews for any company but the degree of sincerity exhibited by Run Local Locksmith drew me to my computer table to bring forth to everyone that there exists a locksmith company which cares for its customers. Remarkably cheap price, 100% customer satisfaction and punctual are few words to describe them. I am determined that whenever I am need of a locksmith in future I’ll only ring up Run Local Locksmith because they understand their customer like no other.

Run Local Locksmith / Run local locksmith technicians are highly trained


Run local locksmith technicians are highly trained and driving a fully equipped locksmith vehicle and ready to meet the needs of any job at our home. Whether we have lockout situation, need to change locks or re-key our locks. Once we call Run local locksmith, there professional locksmith will arrive our home with the fastest response time, and he will explain the newest types of locks to us and make recommendations based on our unique needs-customer satisfaction guarantee! At Run local locksmith they offer high-security products for our home using the most advanced technology at affordable...

Run Local Locksmith / Expert Locksmith - Automobile


The keys of my BMW got locked inside it accidentally. I used the internet to find who can open its door without any damage. The first few calls to the service providers were either transferred to the automated voice recorders or were not responded at all, which I found quite strange. Run Local Locksmith not only took the call at 2 in night but also sent the expert automobile locksmith within next 25 minutes.

Run Local Locksmith - Texas, Cypress / Misss leading / Rude /


Web sit states Only $15 Locksmith service. Called asked about rekeying, told a service fee of $15 plus if additional fee if the lock need parts. Operator said yes and he will provide a quote before work was to start only if I agreed. Asked price and operator stated $19-$35. So I stated service fee should be no more than $50. She then asked If I still wanted a service tech to come out. Service tech Ali called and stated on his way. He quoted me $80 I said no I wasn't going to have the service done. Ali asked why, so I explained to him what I was told. Ali stated I was pay him $15 for...

Run Local Locksmith - Nevada, Las Vegas / Scam


I had locked my keys in my office, and of course there is no spare. I called run local locksmith. They sent out a tech he told me he couldn't pick the lock and had to drill the lock out. He was at my office for a total of 5 Mins. It cost me 250. These people just take advantage of people. Dont ever use them. I should have just kicked the door in it would have saved me some money.

Run Local Locksmith - New York, New York / Overcharging


Well, after speaking with the operator on the phone she explained to me that there would be $15 service charge to evaluate the problem ( Lost Keys) and the rate was $35 an hour for labor. The technician came and couldn't pick the lock (although he didnt even try) and told me he would have to drill. I said yes and 2 minutes later he told me that the cost was 225 and that the 35 /hour only applies to changing locks. This spent 2 minutes to drill my lock and then charged $225. What a rip off!!!

Run Local Locksmith - Texas, Magnolia / Overcharge and bad customer service


I wish I had found this website before calling these people. I accessed their website on August 20, 2010 and requested service to have locks changed. The time was scheduled for 2:00 pm. The locksmith called me at 2:15 to say he was still on the other job and would be there when he could. It was after 3:00 when he arrived. He changed 2 deadbolts and 3 locks and rekeyed all the locks. The bill was $894. The should have been my clue but I was so shocked by it, and late for a meeting that I paid it. After a week I thought about it and realized something was wrong. The 3 locks should have been...

Run Local Locksmith - Ohio, Columbus / Overcharge and false quotes


This is the worst service EVER!!! I locked my keys in the trunk of my vehical. I called GM to get a replacement key and they said it was $75 to replace a key for my make and model. I couldn't get a key from GM because I could not find the title for my car(moved recently and things are mixed up). So I decided to call Run Local Locksmith. I explained to the Run Local locksmith Customer Service Rep that I locked my keys in the trunk of my vehical. She asked the make and model of my car. I asked her the price and she said $29 minimal service Fee PLUS 35-65 charge depending on how exentsive the...

Run Local Locksmith - Maryland, College Park / Worst Experience EVER


No other time in my life have I been YELLED AT by someone that I'm paying to perform a service. I called for the $29 special when I was locked out of my house. He showed up, took one look at the door and said it would cost $200. I politely told him I couldn't afford it and that I would pay the $29 for him to drive out. Soon afterwards he began yelling at me, both in English and a foreign language, trying to scare me into paying $200. He then put his manager on the phone and she proceeded to yell at me for about 5 minutes. While he was running my credit card he told me how "stupid" I wa...

Run Local Locksmith - Texas, San Antonio / Worst Locksmith Experience


Run Local locksmith service is the worst service you can use. Their advertisement claims $29 service, but what they don't tell you is you'll be paying for "labor" also...I called to have them unlock my car, and 30 minutes later I proceeded to repeat directions over and over and over. This guy had a GPS and still kept me on the phone 10 minutes because he "wasn't from the area" and had no idea where I was. Then when he got there, he told me it'd be $29 for service and $80 for labor...are you freakin kidding me?! What a joke. They need to be put out of business for false advertising and completely overpriced services (not to mention their workers can't even use a GPS). I'm appalled.

Run Local Locksmith - Florida, Jacksonville / Poor customer service


OMG!!! Where do I start... I called this company and 8:15pm on 6/13/2010 because of their that add stated that there was a 15 minute wait well low and behold that 15 minute wait turned into a nightmare... After waiting the first 45 minutes I called back to see how long before the locksmith would come out to my home, I spoke with Rachel and asked how long would it be because I was locked outside with my 4 year old child and that it had gotten dark, well at that time Rachel told me that she would call the locksmith and have him to call me in a few minutes... Well after waithing additional 30...

Run Local Locksmith - Illinois, Joliet / Rip-off, Rude, Deception


My son had locked his car keys in his trunk, which were the only keys for the car as the second set was lost. He was at a sports gated complex when this happened. They explained that the $29 is for showing up and gave an estimate of $45 for the rest of the work. The only credit card he had was AMEX and they don't take that. He finally scraped together $100 by borrowing from his friends. They showed up about 1--1/2 hours after the "locksmith" was dispatched. It was close to closing time when the gates would be locked. The locksmith demanded $165 so we had no choice, but to allow them to...