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roofing Complaints & Reviews

roofing - Saskatchewan, Regina / Poor Quality

Nov 5, 2014

The owner is an absolute jackass. His guys damaged the doors on our building and denies any responsibility. His guys put up the new flashing and do a crappy job and damage it. All he was wanting is to be paid and had no interest to do a walk-thru and look at these deficiencies. It was like talking to a brick wall. Then he tried to inflate the invoice. I had him reduce the invoice for items charged for that were not done . This company is amazing to still be doing business ripping people off. They have no commercial shop or location. Works out of his house with a P.O. Box # Some of his guys are smoking dope and working on the roof. I confronted the one guy and told him get off my building and go home.

roofing - Ohio, Wilmington / Failed Inspection for sale

Feb 21, 2013

Our eighteen month old roof installed by Red Hill Builders failed three inspections for the sale of the house. Ten year workmanship warranty was not honored. Red Hill owner refused to inspect, correct, or discuss options. Ohio Revised Code (ORC) demands an owner respond to a written complaint within 21 days of that complaint; owner has violated ORC by not responding. ORC demands an owner be given 60 days to offer a correction; owner has failed to offer a correction. Clinton County Municipal court is our next action against the poor business practices of Red Hill Builders.

roofing - Georgia, Sava / Bad business

Jun 9, 2012

USAA recommended this company for our new roof which was damaged after a storm. They began and finished the promptly and they were paid by us and the insurance promptly but, left EXTREMELY long nails on two porches sticking through the ceiling... Looked like stakes sticking out. Also, ended up with a leak which caused water damage. The local guys, whom we dealt with, were called numerous times. I would get apologies and excuses and promises of getting there within that week. On all occasions, they never came back. After 6 months of husband contacted the actual owner whom claimed he...

roofing - Massachusetts, Springfield / Deceptive practices


Three days after our agreement to have them replace our roof, we were told we had been approved for financing which in fact we were not. It took four more days for the finance company to deny us. In the mean time, our deposit check had been cashed. When we told the company that we had gotten the cash to pay up front, and would like to go for a middle of the road shingle, they first tried to tell us that the materials had already been ordered, we know they were not because we were told they would not order the materials unless we got financing. Then they tried to tell us that the quoted price...