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Ron Carter Cadillac Complaints & Reviews

Ron Carter Cadillac - Texas, Clear Lake City / oil leakage

Jul 10, 2018

Have already taken my car to the dealership 3 times to stop oil leaks, this will be the 4th trip. Believe it is time to consider getting a lawyer and refer to the lemon law. The car has less than 11000 miles. Just think what's going to happen miles down the road, especially on a trip. The cadillac was purchased brand new in 2016 and I have already said it only has less than 11000 miles on it. Attached are photos of the oil on the driveway today (7/10/18) in the first location when noticed, second location just to back up the claim. Also attached is the invoice from the 3rd trip to the...

Ron Carter Cadillac - Texas, Houston / Financing

Feb 27, 2012

Back on 01/10/12 I purchased a 2009 Charger SRT8. Ron Carter paid off my 2007 Grand Prix with a balance of $7, 700.00. They gave me $2, 000.00 for it, so I was upside down $5, 700.00. The charger was $32k plus tax title and the $5, 700.00 balance on the Grand Prix. I gave $20, 000.00 down and financed the rest through AmeriCredit, which I was approved when I drove off the lot. Three weeks later I get the plates, so I'm thinking everything is fine. Almost six weeks later Ron Carter called me to tell me there was a problem with the Financing, because I was retired and no income was coming...