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Robert Kotler MD Complaints & Reviews

Robert Kotler MD / Botched Surgery

May 21, 2015

I feel that I must express my complaint here in hopes of saving a potential patient from choosing this doctor. I have lived in Beverly Hills for several years and I have dealt with some of the kindest most caring doctors. I have never encountered a doctor like this. Not only did he botch the revision work upon his promises that he could correct it, but he left me in a worse situation than he encountered me - with a situation that can't be corrected for years to come. He actually laughed at me while I sat in his office crying over my disappointment, which was shocking to say the least. He...

Robert Kotler MD - California, Beverly Hills / Bad/Failed Surgery

Jun 09, 2012

Read Dr Robert Kotler's shameful rant in response to my review of failed surgical outcome at his clinical practice (Dec 11, 2011): RESPONSE TO DR ROBERT KOTLER, BEVERLY HILLS: There is probably nothing more sad, and more revealing to a patient, than a doctor who bullies patient feedback. Who would want medical services from a doctor like that? I don't appear to be the only unhappy patient of Dr Robert Kotler in Beverly Hills, but according to Dr Kotler, his patients are not allowed to...