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Ridgegold Marketing Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Ridgegold Marketing Inc. - Ontario, Ottawa / Ripped Off


I was ripped off by Matt Lapierre of Ridgegold Marketing inc. In June of 2009, i purchased a website from Ridgegold Marketing in Ottawa Ontario Canada . The purchase price was $3950 paid by certified cheque. He immediately cashed the cheque, but has never sent me the web site that i paid for.He invents one excuse after another asto why he has not sent it.i have demande my money back and he always says the cheues in the mail.he never answers his phones, emails or faxes .He is a con artist.i have no choice but to soo him

Ridgegold Marketing Inc. - Ontario, Ottawa / Screwer Over


Matt Lappierre - Executive Director - Ridgegold Marketing Inc. Ottawa Matt Lappierre of Rigegold Marketing Inc Ottawa scammed me out of my money ! I purchased a website from him, 2 months ago, and he has still failed to deliver . I told him I demand a full refund, and its always the cheques in the mail ! Now he wont return my phone calls or emails ! He is a lying ### bucket, and the lowest of low lifes ! Dont buy a website from this piece of crap . You will never see your website, or your money again !

Ridgegold Marketing Inc. - Ontario, Ottawa / Scam Artist


Matt Lappierre of Ridgegold Marketing .Inc Ottawa is a con artist . Don't have anything to do with him . He is the biggest liar, scam artist around, and he will take your money and run ! He has screwed over lots of people. I purchased a website from his company, but after 3 months, I still haven't recieved it or a full refund ! He has never returned any of my phone calls, emails, or faxes ! He is " DOGGY DO " in the first degree ! I am going to sue his XXX OFF

Ridgegold Marketing Inc. - Ontario, Ottawa / Possible SCAM


!!!WARNING POSSIBLE SCAM!!! STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY Please see details below. I have to try and get a refund by any means now as Matt has ignored all my attempts to get a refund. It has been over one month since I first asked for my money back, and he is showing no signs to do so. I hope that you can help to alert others who are trying to get into a business for themselves (especially during these uncertain times) to stay well clear of Matt Lapierre and Ridgegold Marking. SIGNS OF SCAM: Money given more than 4 months ago for a product that was never delivered, constant lies and...