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Richard Adcock Forster Complaints & Reviews

Richard Adcock Forster / Comment on wrong doings complaint by donm

Sep 03, 2016

i am not interested in entering into schoolyard slanging matches over this but i do suspect the person who wrote the above is a member of the my family and is doing so to attempt to hide the child sex crime of richard adcock forster. The person who wrote the above insists on seeing proof that there is a child sex offence commited by richard adcock forster please see attatched photographs on of which is an email sent from durham constabulary to sunday people journalist marcello mega and is freely available throughout the internet and within the public domain.also i was there i saw him taken...

Richard Adcock Forster / Inappropriate

Feb 16, 2015

apparently richard adcock forster has been involved with the police over a alledged sexual offence involving a child in the past, i worked at the same call center as he did in peterlee, he was called richard forster then, and i believe he was asked to leave the company as he did not disclose this police matter on his application. and recently a friend showed me a book called THE TRUTH WILL FIND YOU about him and his family that described what richard adcock forster had done that brought him to the attention of the police, and in this book it stated that his father was also arrested for a...