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Revival Soy Complaints & Reviews

Revival Soy / Scammers


I signed up for revival soy for 30 day trial. If I did not like it I could send it back(which I did)and not be charged. I got a confirmation number when I cancelled and they claim they never got the package I sent but I have called them at least 7 times and they claim they got NO calls from me.they put this bogus bill in the collectors hands to ruin my credit. beware revival soy.

Revival Soy / Beware!


In 2006 I signed up for something called revival soy. The deal was to try it for 30 days and if you don't like it you send back the unused amount and you will not be charged. I emailed them and canceled and got a confirmation number and sent back the unused amount. They claimed they never got it. they claim they never got my 7 phone calls and tried to charge my credit card. If this is not an internet scam I do not know what is. they have put this bogus bill in a collectors hands and ruined my credit. Beware!