Repairtech Complaints & Reviews

Repairtech / Website is not available anymore


I purchased an expensive Digital SLR camera from Nikon 2 years ago. I purchased an extended warranty with Repairtech. My camera needs service due to not working. I went on line to get the information from the warranty company so I could send it in to them for repair but the website came up and stated "Domain for sale". They are gone. I need my camera fixed. I still have an additional 3 years on my warranty. What am I supposed to do now? Their website is WWW.REPAIRTECHINC.COM and their number was [protected]. That phone number is disconnected. Thank you for any help you may give me or tell me what to do.

Repairtech - California / Not honoring their warranty


Spent $299.00 for a 3 year extended warranty June 2008. May 2009, I need a tech to check our TV - I can't contact RepairTech by phone (disconnected) or by their wedsite (gone). When I called FotoConnection (where I bought the TV), they told me that Repairtech was not honoring any contracts purchased before June 2008 and that they have changed their name. FotoConnection is engauged in a legal persuit for breach of contract(s). I need help, is their a class action lawsuit I can join - What can I do? [protected]

Repairtech - New Jersey, Beyonne / File Complaint


What to do if you fell into the RepairTech scam: 1. File a formal complaint with New Jersey Consumer Affairs online at or call [protected] and deal with the automated service. 2. Send in all documents that may support your complaint, i.e. copy of warranty card, contract, sales invoice. I called [protected], waited half my day for a rep, then spoke to a very polite representative who told me that there is a 6-8 week wait period for processing and a person will be assigned to my case. He also informed me that RepairTech has been under investigation by the them for 3 months. Good Luck!!! I will post my progress.

Repairtech - New Jersey, Bayonne / Warranty problems


This is the short version - I bought two warranty's from Abe's of Maine while I bought my Toshiba TV. My TV has had no problems until now, I need a new bulb due to the TV indicating this condition. Approximately one month ago, I asked various Abe's of Maine Reps what was going on with RepairTechs phones and my inability to contact them. [I love this part] They told me nothing, they are just moving there location and will be back soon. I was asked to wait a week. I did, not knowing any better. I called back various times to speak with all kinds of people who all gave me the run...

Repairtech - New Jersey / fraud


This is a scam operation that sells aftermarket warranties on consumer electronics. These guys don't answer the phone, don't do anything, never get back to you, and they I suppose will soon be out of business, leaving many people who paid good money for warranties with nothing. I would be happy to be involved in a class-action lawsuit against them. I have notes and records of the hundreds of times I tried to get through to them. Now the have stopped answering the phone.

Repairtech / Bad service


STAY AWAY!!! CHECK Better Business Bureau Rating!!! I purchased a 3 year warranty on my Nikon Cool Pix 7600 Camera from Repair Tech. The company should rename themselves Rip-off Tech. The battery door clip broke (as many of them do because of a design problem as I later found out). As directed by Repair Tech, I sent the camera to their 'authorized dealer' Precision Camera (no precision at this company). Precision said the camera had physical damage. Repair Tech said the battery door repair was not covered under the warranty. The camera was not dropped or immersed in any fluid. The latch...

Repairtech / Scam and cheating


I have had a similar problem with this company as previously reported. My extended warranty was supposed to cove on-site repair but none was supposedly available in this area so RepairTech sent a shipping label for my Sharp Aquos LCD which had no sound. After waiting a week to contact RepairTech (because of Jewish Holidays in June) I finally managed to get the unit to an authorized sharp repair center. It took 1 month to apply compound to heat sink. After unit was returned the problem persisted. So in October I contacted RepairTech again and dealt with an extremely rude Nicole Brathwaite. I...

Repairtech - New Jersey, Iselin / Won't honor warranty


I filed a claim for my TV in August, and after NUMEROUS calls and complaints to them (because my TV was not repaired), they told me November 3 they would reimburse me for the value of the TV. I am STILL waiting on that! I have called and left over 60 messages and have had no reply. DO NOT but a warranty from this company!

Repairtech - New York, Syracuse / Platinum extended warranty


I purchased a 3 year platinum warranty from who were acting as agent for I have my receipt, I paid for the warranty. I have my receipt for the online registration of the warranty with RepairTech, they accepted and acknowledged the warranty. I have my receipt for payment of TV. I tried to use the warranty for a probelm with my 50" Zenith Plasma Tv in 10/08 that this warranty was for. ) RepairTech stated to me(along with many others who have such warranties as you can see on the web) that d.buys never paid RepairTech for the warranty. They jerk you around from person...

Repairtech / Terrible experience


First mistake was ordering a Nikon D-70 camera on EBay from a company called B&Y Distributing or sometimes Digital Corp out of Florida. It was a nightmare dealing with their bait & switch tactics. They sold me, as part of the package, a 5-Year warranty ('A $500 value - for you $300 if you do it right now') that 'would fix anything you needed and a camera cleaning once a year'. I sent my camera in for a cleaning on October 27, 2008. I was told it would take 5 business days to clean the camera and it would be sent back to me. I called November 13th and was told 'It was shipped...

Repairtech - New Jersey, Iselin / Warranty Issue


I sent repairtech a lamp for a Sony projector which I bought a warranty for 3 lamp replacements. They received the lamp on Nov 12 (almost 3 weeks ago) and I have yet to be able to get any information regarding my claim except they received it. Every time I call the 'systems' are down and they can't look at my information or they transfer me to another number in which I get a voicemail which is never returned. Voicemails and emails go unanswered. The email I received with the instructions on how to get the replacement said that a new lamp would be sent within 3-5 buiness days of...

Repairtech - New Jersey, Iselin / Won't honor extended warranty


In June of this year my DLP TV developed a problem with a mirror stuck in the "on" position. This condition is covered under the manufacturer's original one-year warranty, but since I was beyond that time I filed a repair claim with RepairTech. The Platinum Protection Service Plan I purchased from them at the time I bought the TV states that items covered under the manufacturer's original would be covered under this extended warranty. Initially, RepairTech refused to honor the warranty and after many contacts and the involvement of my state's Attorney General's office...

Repairtech / Warranty hell

The original complaint was no audio on the right channel while using the direct AV inputs. It is now 10 months since I first initiated the first steps of what has become an ongoing nightmare in repair hell. The first service call was made in mid January of this year. I was given a list of service dealers in my area to call for service. I choose Shabra electronics located in Sea Cliff, NY. The technician came and looked at the TV and told me that the main module, or motherboard had to be replaced. The technician told me he had to order the part and he would contact me accordingly, 2 month...