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Recruit Express Pte Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Recruit Express Pte Ltd / Rude attitude of Employee

Mar 12, 2013

Today, I was called to go down for an interview at 10am . Everything was well until 30 minutes later . By then I have already left the company. My interviewer called me and told me that he wanted to apply the job of a receptionist for me. They didn't provide me any time to think at all and demanded me to give them a reply instantly. I agreed to it but he asked me to sent a recent photo of myself to attach it to the resume. Meanwhile, I ponder about the job scope and everything about it. Then I was suddenly reminded that I might have an interview with an university during that period of...

Recruit Express Pte Ltd / Attitude about a staff from Recruit Express SIngapore

Mar 01, 2013

Never go to this man, known as Jarrick from Recruit Express (Bishan Branch). Don't let him earn his commission as he is rude and unprofessional. This man, Jarrick, posted so many advertisements on jobs relating to food and beverage, construction, manufacturing, retail, customer service, etc. So, I called him and even texted him when he did not pick up my call. He told me to come for an interview one day to fill up the job application form, took my IC to scan and said the HR needs my IC and such. After waiting for 1 hour plus, near to 2, he come out of the office and told me to go take a...