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Purity Mineral Science Complaints & Reviews

Purity Mineral Science / Fraud and Scam


My wife ordered a sample of a tooth whitner and the cost was only supposed to be 1.00 for the sample. Next thing we know she gets makeup, diet pills, four subriptions to the cellphone, two mailing clubs, and an auto delivery schdule. She never wears makeup, not on a diet, dosen't do mail clubs, and dosen't even text on the cell phone. We were charged 8.95, 1.00 x 2, 79.95 twice. I had my credit card company take them off my charges and mark them as fraudulent. I am even suprised that the credit card company does business with these clowns. I had to close my account out with my credit...

Purity Mineral Science - Georgia, Loganville / Misleading promotion agreement


I placed an order online for a trial offer and was only to pay shipping and handling. A few days later my account is charged 59.99. I called the company to inquire and was told th at because I agreed to the trial offer that my account was charged. This is not the way it was worded on the introductory offer. This is very mis-leading and very poor business practice. I also noted that your company has many similar complaints from others. As a result I am returning my trial offer and have no intentions of doing business with their company.

Purity Mineral Science - Pennsylvania / Scam and fraud


I went online to get my kid coins for a computer game. I saw this ad for a free cosmetic product and you just pay the shipping/handling fee. I thought "Cool". Unknowingly, I was charged two weeks later $59.99 on my debit card. Again, today another fee of $29.99 on my debit checking card. I got really upset and called and said I wanted my money back. They are in the process of shipping out another frickin product without my permission. The scam is that once they get your card info, they keep billing you. When I called, all they said was I would have to take a paper out of the product, put in on...

Purity Mineral Science - Alaska, farmers branch tx / scam bad product


product miss represented as mineral base when infact it is nothing but powder which I'm allergic to and would not have ordered I'm suppose to be able to return this and recieve my money back I will need RMA# number to do this they will not answer their phone impossabe to contact them. IF THIS IS NOT DONE THEY WILL CONTINUE TO CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD. I have heard of SCAMS before but never expected this I'm calling my better business and reporting this also will call my com. SOMEBODY BETTER STOP THESE PEOPLE

Purity Mineral Science - Texas, Farmers Branch / Unable to contact


I ordered the "free sample" of the Purity mineral foundation. I did not realize until I placed the order that I was signing up for a monthly subscription. After I recieved the sample I realized that it was not something I really wanted and returned the sample. This should have unsubscribed me from this program. Several weeks later I noticed a $59.99 charge on my debit card. I still have not been able to contact anyone either by phone or by email to get this matter resolved. The charge also put my checking a count into a negative balance thus causing an overdraft fee of $35.00 to be charged to my account and several checks to be declined. This caused by bills to be late amongst other problems.

Purity Mineral Science / Unsolicited order


Made a one time purchase of this product on Ebay. Lo and behold yesterday I received a shipment from Mineral Science as "outlined in my club membership" . What club membership ? Not only was it not wanted and not ordered, My credit card was charged without my authorization !!! Communication with this company via phone and or e-mail is futile. I found the web sight to cancel my "membership", I also found out via the BBB website that they are no longer accepting complaints in Texas. I was referred to the BBB site in Pa. There is a toll free number...888-694-4171. The e-mail address of the head...

Purity Mineral Science - Texas, Farmers Branch / Company information


I too have been scammed by company. I looked up their terms and conditions info and found they are associated with a company called: Linkstar Corp, Copperleaf Corporation Centre, 6051 Wallace Rd Suite 110, Wexford, PA 15090 408-416-0795 You have to enter someones extension. I kept pressing numbers till it transferred me. I am waiting for a return call and received the name of the person to return my call Colleen Papst X 9001. I assured the lady I talked with Sandy I would be calling over and over again on her ext until I was refunded my monies. The terms and cond says if...

Purity Mineral Science - Texas, Farmers Branch / Not honest in policy ordering!


I ordered the Purity Mineral Collection, for a total of $8.95. If you liked th product you can become a member, and then keep receiving shipments every two months. When I received the trial kit, inside the box was a notice, that yo have 14 days to try the makeup from the day that you ordered the product. If you do not wasn't it, it must have a # on it that you get by calling this number 1-866-363-6797. I this is not done in this time frame you will be charged $59.95 for the trial kit. If not it must be mailed back in time, and you have to pay for shipping and handling. I ordered the kit on...

Purity Mineral Science / Charged my credit card5 9.99 and never sent me my order


I had placed my order and they charged my credit card5 9.99 and never sent me my order. When i tried to call to see where my order was, I couldn't get a response.

Purity Mineral Science - Indiana, Lafayette / Scammed!


They will scam you and take you're money! Do not be fooled by the "one dollar for one month, pay shipping only" like i did!! Protect yourself!!

Purity Mineral Science / This company is a scam!


Purity Mineral Science is a scam! They claim to send you a 'free sample' and then charge you immediately $59.99 for products not ordered. Beware - the $7.95 small shipping fee is a ruse in order to get your credit card info.