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Procore Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Procore Solutions - Georgia, Marietta / Horrible Procedures

Feb 2, 2011

I am a former employee of Procore solutions. I am here to explain to you how TERRIBLE of a palce this is. I would not wish this job on my worst enemy. I left the company in March, 2010 after 2 1/2 years of employment. This company has probably the highest turn over rate that I have ever seen! They treat their employees with unfairness, no concern to labor laws due to private owned, minuplation, deceit, disrespect, and so much more. This place should been put out of business. They do not believe in you being able to go to the bathroom more than twice a day. 9 hours, 2 times a day? What a JOKE!...

Procore Solutions - Georgia, Marietta / Termination


I was a supervisor with Procore Solutions, and was re-hired by Angie in HR. During my tenure there, I was told numerous times by my superiors to ignore some of the things that I had brought to their attention. One of my employees, a very pretty girl, had complained that she was being harrassed by a rather odd (if I must say so myself) young male that would make crude remarks to her, touch her as she went to her desk, and at one point even got her telephone number, some how, and was calling her suggesting that he wanted to do things to her (sexually). I was told by HR to ignore it, and maybe...