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Priority Payment Systems Complaints & Reviews

Priority Payment Systems - Georgia, Alpharetta / Withholding funds, delaying payments

Mar 04, 2015

We added a new store to Priority (currently have 3 locations all processing and depositing into the same account). They have delayed our DDA processing for over a week and have been attempting to deposit our credit card transactions into an old closed account, even after explicitly directing them to deposit the new location into the same account as the other 2. I made my first process on 2/21, and it is now 3/4 and i am only seeing about 10% of my funds being released to me, and because of the 3 rejected deposits they now want to charge me $75. I have called and spoke with 2 people, 1 being a...

Priority Payment Systems - Georgia, Alpharetta / Non Funding

Feb 27, 2012

Beware!!! We used Priority Payment Systems to process our credit card transactions. We have been using a system similar to this for the past 6 years and have never had a problem. We were talked into changing to there company for better rates. After only 2 months of transactions we processed a large payment of over $25, 000. After the transaction was run we were contacted a few days later to confirm the transaction and asked to have the invoice sent to them along with the clients phone number, which we did. The client confirmed that he had agreed to the purchase. After a few days I called back...

Priority Payment Systems - Georgia, Alpharetta / Deceptive business practices

Aug 12, 2011

All I can say is STAY AWAY! Cold call solicitation led to one of our worse experiences in business in over 30 years. Business is difficult enough without having to deal with companies such as this, that change the rules immediately once you sign up. Their motto is "next generation bank card solutions". If that is the case, give me the old generation solution, because this company is no better than Enron and the banks that caused the collapse of our economy. This is one of the most unscrupulous and hartless payment systems we have ever encountered. Luckily we changed systems within 72 hours of...

Priority Payment Systems - Georgia, Alpharetta / Fraud

May 15, 2011

I am a very new business owner, and I was in search of a portable or wireless credit card machine so that I can sell items at flea markets and different locations. I spoke with a representative of Priority Payment Systems by the name of Lance, and he told me that I have to sign an application in order to see if I am approved for a merchant account and to fax over a voided check. After doing all that was asked, Lance emails me another set of documents to lease equipment AFTER I PREVIOUSLY told him I'm NOT interested in any leases. He reassured me that I could do a month to month lease if I...