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Premier Timeshare Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Premier Timeshare Solutions - North Carolina, Ronda / misrepresentation/fraud


I was contacted by phone by a David N. that told me not to list my timeshare with any other company that it had already been sold. Of course I was thrilled becuase I have had it listed for a long time. Well then he goes on to tell me that he needed $1388.54 to do a title and deed search and that by law they had to do a search so I agreed and he said I would receive a package via Fed-Ex with the contract and that they already had a buyer that had put down 20% and were getting their finances in order. I received the contract and there was no mention of the sale of the timeshare, but I gue...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida / Failure to sell timeshare when fees were paid and no action


In 2008 approximately May we received a phone call to sell our timeshare in Kissimee Fl. From Premier Timeshare Solutions Phone # 561-65e -4280 toll free 877-470-4779. Agent Kenny Williams from Premier said that he had a buyer for our time share.(That wais the only time we spoke to Kenny Williams). All the imformation that he was suppling to us seemed ligitament. We even contacted the website to see if the company exists and all the phone numbers were active. We submitted a application to sell and sent our fee of $1398.00 to do the necessary paperwork to sell our unit. Title search, etc. My...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, West Palm Beach / failure to return upfront money


I was called in Feb., '09, inquiring about selling my timeshare, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and promised to sell the timeshare within 120 days. It's now Dec., '09, and nothing has happened. I was led along about a buyer being ready and given a number of stories over the course of 25+ calls; I was finally informed the buyer had backed out so I sent a registered letter to Premier demanding my money be credited to my credit card or check sent. That was the first part of this December and I have yet to hear anything. I have since found a number of other people in similar...

Premier Timeshare Solutions / Unable to get monies back


I received a call from Ryan Kelly an employee of Premier Timeshare Solutions on July 7, 2009 asking me if I was interested in selling my timeshare in Branson, Mo. Naturally, I was. I then told him I was not going to pay up front to sell it. He then told me he had a buyer from Ontario, Canada by the name of Konecke. That they were very anxious to buy the timeshare and also wanted the weeks of unused timeshare. He determined that the purchase price would start at $22, 600 plus $1, 388.54 for the vacation week that had accrued. He informed me that the sale was imment and that he would mail me the...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, West Palm Beach / NEW SCAM


Premier Timeshare Solutions has been taken over by a new company the full name my wife didn't get but she thinks they told her it was Commerical Property Partners or something. The finance manager told her that Premier was taken over by this company and that we needed to pay an additional fee to have the sale completed. We then started doing our research on this company that we had paid back in April and found astonishing new on them... Premier Timeshare Solutions – An Inside Look, Beware! Written by: Traver Timeshare Rentals wants to keep readers up to date on the latest news in...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida / Theft/Scam


A representative from this company called and said he had a buyer and that he needed $1388 up front to do a title search. I foolishly gave him my credit card number and he charged me. Three days later, I received a bogus contract in the mail which I did NOT sign. Instead I sent it back saying I wished to cancel the contract. I also called daily to try to speak to a rep. I got the answer machine every day and it always said that the voicemail box was full. A few days later another rep from this company called and pitched the exact same scan not realizing that we'd already been called. I...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, Palm Beach Gardens / How to get your money back


How to get your money back ...BE RELENTLESS...I too was out of $1388.54. After 4 mths. of unkept promises from this company I finally requested my money back on August 31st only for them to tell me it was not possible. I was heated, I immediately called the BBB in Florida (772) 337-2083. I was then directed to call the Florida Attorney General office, which directed meto the Florida Dept. of Agricaulture and Consumer Services 1-800-HELP-FLAor It was here that I filed a formal complaint. This complaint was handled by the Bureau of Mediation and Enforcement, was assigned a...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, West Palm Beach / fraud


We signed on with Premier timeshare solutions in June 2009. We set them over $2000 and were promised that a family buyer was already to purchase our timeshare in Oyster Bay, St Martaan. We sent them the many of the necessary papers and retained the original papers. There was a buyer on July 8 but the financials and title had to be checked first. Then there was a buyer on Sept 8 but they were waiting for his finaces to be completed. Please call back Oct. 8. In the meantime it was impossible to get anyone on the phone. I was able to talk to someone after I left a message suggesting that I wa...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, Palm Beach Gardens / Unauthorized charge


We received a packet from this company via Fed Ex. It contained an explanation of their services and two "Owner Information Forms" which we were to complete and return to them. They also charged one of our credit cards for approximately $1800. We never gave them our credit card information, so of course, we never authorized Premier Timeshare Solutions to charge us. We did not request the service and do not intend to deal with this company, which is just another scam being conducted out of Florida. We also intend to file a complaint against them with the state of Florida. Stay as far away from this company as you can.

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida, Palm Beach Gardens / Scam/Fraud


In February of this year, Premier Timeshare Solutions contacted me about selling or renting my timeshare week in Orlando, Florida. I was willing to rent, and was told that I could get $2, 900.00 for the week. I was told that their fee was $588.84, which was put on my credit card, and was sent a contract. I was asked to sign and return as soon as possible because a client was looking to vacation in Florida in April, and the paperwork needed to be processed as soon as possible. Never heard another word from Premier. I have called them several times since then. Always an excuse as to why the...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Utah, Salt Lake City / Purchase Offer


Called w/"firm offer to buy my timeshare; buyer 20% non-refundable deposit; needed $1, 300 to cover title search; FL Div of Consumer Protection to call me w/in 1 hr to verify it all. Put $1300 on credit card, and THEN did some research. FL Division of Consumer Protection has 24 complaints from these folks this year alone; confirmed they never do outbound calls. Tried to call Premier back, only got voice mail, with no response. I cancelled the credit card payment. Hours later got call from guy identifying himself as from the FL state cons. protection div. When I called him on it, he said he wa...

Premier Timeshare Solutions / wptv channel 5 going after these scums


I pulled this entry from, this gentleman Dan says the following: I worked for this co for 2 days and after i was the scam they were running i did not come back. just so all you ppl know there never was a buyer for any of your units or are they trying to sell it for you. its a big scam. there office is in west palm beach, fl. just this one office is doing a 100k per day on avg. I have contacted news 5 here in wpb, fl and they are going to go after them. the best thing you all can do is call and dispute your credit card. your timeshare will NEVER SELL. if you want to be part...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida / Timeshare resales


Regarding Premier Timeshare Solutions, 4400 Northcorp Parkway, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, Phone: (877) 470-4779, Fax: (561) 478-4799, Business Start Date: N/A / Company ID: 92014706 If you have received an offer from Premier Timeshare Solutions and have not accepted it, don't. As of Aug. 3, 2009, it has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida and the Caribbean. Here is what the BBB says on its website: Our opinion of what this rating means: We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaint...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Florida / A Wonderful Timeshare Property Selling Experience


I was hunting for the best deal to sell my timeshare property in Florida but nothing seemed to be working in the right direction. Despite contacting many timeshare property selling firms, the price I was getting for the property was negligible. It was then that I came across, the leaders in selling, buying and renting timeshare properties. The price they offered for the property left me speechless. It was quite good and more than what I expected. These guys asked me to deposit $1, 200 in the company's account to seal the deal. I was a bit skeptical of getting...

Premier Timeshare Solutions - Tennessee / Timeshare Sales


I'm so sorry to hear that. My experience with Premier Timeshare Solutions abosolutely shocked me! I was contacted by a sales rep around the first week of March and they sent out a contract a few days later, I reluctantly signed it and sent it back. It took much longer than they had expected but we finalized the sale of my timeshare on Thursday June 18th. I was thrilled! The check cleared and I'm now 'Timeshare FREE!!!' Unfortunately I feel that most of our news, media, and internet blogs are filled with all the negative comments, so i thought that i should shed a little light on this company by sharing my positive experience!

Premier Timeshare Solutions / Time Share Re-Sale Scam


This firm contacted us on February 24th of this year. They claimed to “have a buyer for our timeshare”. The buyer was willing to pay top dollar (almost $15, 000), and all we needed to do was pay $1250.00 for a “title search, document preparation, and closing fees”. We paid the $1, 250.00 and were told to expect the completed closing documents once the title search was done. We were told the buyer had already committed to the sale. After waiting the 2 weeks and hearing nothing, we called Premier (several times until we were finally able to get someone on the phone) only...