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PNY Technologies Complaints & Reviews

PNY Technologies - New Jersey, Bound Brook / 32 gig usb memory stick

Sep 28, 2016

Caveat Emptor The worse possible investment you can make is buying from this company. To anyone thinking of expanding their computer systems, using PNY products, I highly recommend DO NOT. In April 2016, I purchased for a PNY 32G USB Stick to use as an External Network Memory. In all fairness, it worked well until it reached 1/2 full Upon reaching 50% full, a write lock error prevented erasure of what was already there, and adding any more. PNY Has a fix for this on their support site for their 16 Gig Version of this product, however for the 32 Gig, there is nothing. Pardon being cynical...

PNY Technologies / Rebate Scamming

Aug 28, 2014

Submitted my rebate to the company and two months later I have never received anything. Looked online at the status and found that it was listed as "invalid" due to an invalid purchase date. Hm... Rebate says valid the whole month of May and June, and my purchase date is June 8th, 2014. Doesn't seem invalid to me! I called and spoke with a rep that I could BARELY hear. Throughout the call I had to ask him to repeat himself about 25 times. Looks like they use some great technology there... After clearing up the purchase date issue (rep confirmed it was valid), he said I should be getting a...

PNY Technologies / Shoddy products, Doesn't honor warranty, HORRIBLE customer service


I purchased 8 PNY Memory kits to add memory to 8 desktop computers. One of the chips turned out to be defective. I contacted PNY for a replacement under their lifetime warranty. I sent them the defective part, at MY expense, and it was returned to me without them honoring the warranty. They now expect me to ship it back to them, again at my expense, with the other working chip, which I do not have access to. Rather than replace THEIR defective chip with a working one, this pathetic company chooses to play games and further piss off their customer.

PNY Technologies / Rebate scam


I purchased a memory card from Fry's Electronics in Santa Clara, CA in August 2009. Of course I sent in the completed rebate form, receipt, and UPC. I've mailed in dozens of rebates before, I know how to do this. They sent me back a postcard saying "Unfortunately we could not honor your receipt due to the following reason(s): $15 PNY Mail in Rebate - P-SDU16G2-FS/POL Missing UPC" Now I have nothing, just a worthless postcard, no form, no receipt, no UPC, and no way to get MY $15. :( Thanks for nothing, PNY!

PNY Technologies / Do not buy from them


I sumbitted my rebate for $15 to the PNYRebate Center immediately after purchasing the SD Card from Bestbuy and there is no way they can reject with the Mailed Date as the Reason. But, surprisingly it has been noted as Missing UPC and Receipt after a months time while I was checking the Status through the Tracking Number. I am wondering how this has happened. How will I send a mail for Rebate submission without any papers in it? I was 100% sure that I have sent my BestBuy Receipt, UPC Code and the Rebate Form and double-checked lot of times before I mailed the Rebate. It cannot go missing...