Planet Mobility Complaints & Reviews

Planet Mobility / Scam

Aug 25, 2011

We ordered an automatic sliding door opener for a handicapped women. We gave them our credit card and they processed it immediately. When it finally arrived it was missing some parts. After numerous attempts I finally got ahold of Mike Woods and the parts were to be delivered. Well when the parts finally arrived our client decided not to have it installed. We lost many clients because of this delay. Again after many attempts and finally getting ahold of Mike Woods we returned to product the exact we he requested. Still no refund so once again lets talk to Mike Woods. After numerous attempts I...

Planet Mobility / Not covered under warranty and can't find a repair person

Mar 25, 2011

I purchased this scooter Lexus Light was suppose to be light and easy to use. The scooter cost was over $1600.00 ordered Feb 08 and didn’t receive in 2-3 days as promised. It is now May 08 and still missing some of the accessories. It’s not durable a simple tip over of the front column resulted with the on/off switch popping out. Not covered under warranty and can’t find a repair person.

Planet Mobility / They are liars and have fraudulent business practices


I ordered a automatic door opener from Planet mobility. They were quick to take the $737 out of my checking account, but when I hadn't rec'd the merchandise several weeks later, I called them. They said they had cancelled the contract with the vendor and would get a new one and send it out. So, I called the vendor of the door, Private Door. They told me the opposite...that they had cancelled the contract due to the fact that PM didn't pay their bills. I reordered the door from Private door directly. They were great and matched the price. Now, PM won't refund my money. How...

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Shelby Township / Bad Business Practices


I wish I had seen all of the complaints filed against this company before I submitted my order for a scooter car carrier. The original cost was $479.00. They sent me the wrong product...twice. They refuse to reimburse my credit card company. As well, it cost me appproximately $420.00 to ship the 2 items back to them, because they refused to make good on their offer to have items returned at their cost. As well, it cost us money to purchase boxes for these items to be shipped back. I've lost about $920.00. I've contacted Better Business B. in Michigan. They never responded. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE UNETHICAL PEOPLE. Kathleen B.

Planet Mobility / Awful quality scooter


I purchased this scooter...Lexus Light...was suppose to be light and easy to use. The scooter cost was over $1600.00...ordered Feb 08 didn't receive in 2-3 days as promised...It is now May 08 and still missing some of the accessories. It's not durable a simple tip over of the front column resulted with the on/off switch popping out. Not covered under warranty and can't find a repair person.

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Brighton / Will not honor warranty


Michael Woods as CEO has this company in shambles. I tried to cancel an order after seeing numerous complaints about this company on the web. I was told the order never went thru, next thing I know the $1650.00 scooter is here and on my charge card at the end of October, 2009. I called to have them pick it up the day after it arrived, as there was a 30 day free trial. I was told they would send someone in 3 days. Waited all day no one came.<br /><br /> Called the company again and was told by a girl to have my credit card company to dispute the charge, but not to tell the company she...

Planet Mobility - Indiana / Charged $12,000 for Trac About that I never received


In August 2009 I orderer a Trac About wheelchair for my disabled husband, not cheap the cost was close to $12, 000! I expected to have this chair by the end of September. Boy was I mistaken. It is now November and no chair. I finally demanded my money back when I was told that Planet Mobility is no longer a dealer for this chair. I have received $5000 but still not got the rest of the money. I guess I am going to have to sue the company for the remainder of my money. The sad part is that we are not able to get another chair until we get the money back from them to order it from somewhere else...

Planet Mobility - Kansas, Mayetta / Lexis Light Scooter


Purchased scooter in Apr. 08. I was told I would be reimbursed by medicare. Medicare won't reimburse products from this company. Don't use this company. You will regret it. [protected] A.J.Eby

Planet Mobility - Michigan / Took money but no product


Ordered from this company a Pride Hurricane costing $3999.99. The money was taken out of my checking account nearly a month ago and have never received as much as a thamk you kiss my butt or anything. Needless to say I have never gotten my mobility scooter and now i'm having trouble getting ny money back. This is a scam company verified by many people with the same problem. Don't bother talking to Mike about the problem because he is dumber than a box of rocks with no regard for the customer!

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Macomb / Lies, lies, lies


I placed an order over the phone after seeing a rollator walker on their website. That was August 1, 2009. On the 5th the money ($193) was taken out of my account. After reading all the other complaints on the internet, I know this seems like small potatoes. But to me it is very needed money. I waited for a couple of weeks and called Planet Mobility. I was told she would call back with a tracking number. No call. No tracking number. I called again on August 20th. I was told that they do not do business with that company any more and wanted to send me another rollator. It was a cheaper one and do...

Planet Mobility / Horrendous customer service


I purchased a used Lexus Light. Oh, it looked so great! The previous owner had allowed the batteries to drain, they won't take a charge. I ordered replacement batteries, and my credit card was charged, in the middle of August.I'm writing this on September 13th. 3 weeks ago I was told the batteries were shipping to me.2 weeks ago I was told that was in error and that they were waiting on delivery from the warehouse. Yesterday I was told that the batteries were shipping and that i would receive a tracking number by this morning.Needless to say, that didn't happen. I can't find those batteries anywhere else!

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Shelby Township / Ripping off the disabled


In January 2009 I purchased a pool/spa lift for my quadriplegic husband for $5653. I ordered by phone through Planet Mobility and told it would be delivered in 3-6 weeks. After 4 weeks I called to check on the order and was told that there was a delay with the manufacturer and it would be delivered within 2 weeks. Called again and again told it was the manufacturer causing the delay. A couple weeks later I was told that the manufacturer wasn't returning their calls anymore and they were working on it. Finally I said I just wanted my money back so that I could try to get another lift as my...

Planet Mobility / unreliable service


I ordered a wheelchair lift for $3700.00 in December 2008. My credit card was charged shortly after that date. I was originally told delivery should take 4 weeks. In January 2009 I called to check on delivery and at that time I was told delivery would take 8 weeks. In Febuary when the lift still had not been delivered I called again and was told I would have to speak to Mike Woods. When I called Mr. Woods he assured me that I would have the lift within the next week or two. When the lift again did not I arrive I called Mr. Woods again. Each time I called he would guarentee delivery within the...

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Shelby Township / Never recieved a mobility scooter I was charged for.


I purchased a mobility scooter in Jan 2008 on line. After being charged for a Pride Go Go scooter on my credit card. I am still waiting to receive it.(it is now the middle of march 2009). I have called upwards of 15 documented times. I have a E-mail from there owner Michael woods stating it would be delivered on Feb 17, 2009, still no scooter. The company puts you on hold, They promise some one will return your call. It is one excuse after another with this company . They have to wait for there shipping girl to come in, or there computer system is down, or there waiting for a shipment from...

Planet Mobility - Michigan, Macomb / Terrible service

Let's see now. On my 79 year old father's behalf, I called this company after he got two weeks use of his new $2, 400 scooter in the spring before it broke. Still being under the warranty, I figured this should be easy enough---wrong! After calling an endless amount of times the first month and put 'On Hold' for hours, not minutes now, hours, they finally sent a service man. Service man orders the part. Simple enough, right, wrong! Part is coming from California, more like China. Said it would be 3 weeks. Three weeks later, no part. I called Planet Mobility to inquire a...