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Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Complaints & Reviews

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company / slow internet speed

Oct 04, 2018

It's been weeks since Typhoon Ompong but still our internet didn't improve a bit. We've been compromising that if it's raining, then the net speed is slow. We've been compromising all this time but it's not even raining and yet the speed we got here at home doesn't even reach half of the speed we are paying. I'm the only one who uses the net, I often turn off the wifi so that no one can use but still no improvement. My mother complained and the customer service said that it's a given if I'm playing or downloading something. Are you guys making fun of me? I know for sure that it will slow down...

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company / dsl/internet service

Mar 01, 2018

Family has been a long time PLDT Consumer and even from the start they have had problems with their internet services, no idea if it's intentional or not but we do not get nearly as much internet speed as we are paying for. And lately, there have been occurrences where the internet disconnects every 10 mins. starting at 6 a.m. It's never a stable connection and not remotely close to the promised bandwidth. Please - Please - PLEASE - fix this.