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Phil Long Ford Complaints & Reviews

Phil Long Ford - Colorado, Monument / Maintenance Coupons

Dec 26, 2011

Phil Long came out with some great coupons for oil changes. I bought two of them. Each was for 10 Oil Changes and several other services. I have two Navagators. If i had known that they would expire I would have bought only one. Now I am stuck with coupons for 6 oil changes and they will not honor them. I am a Ford product owner and have been for many years dating back to my new 1958 Ford. Through the years i have tried to use Phil Long for my maintenance and have found them to be very over priced and quite dishonest about what needs to be done on the car. I thought they could change my oil OK...

Phil Long Ford - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Computer Advertising via (cell) phone


Monthly computer generated phone calls made to previous customers are a nuisance and may cause problems if the call is received during an important meeting during work hours. This is a fact with me. Phil long Ford of Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs, CO has managed to call me several times during important meetings at work. This has got to stop. I have moved sense my last service at Phil Long Ford back in June of 2008. As of yesterday I have received this advertisement call. I have called Phil Long Ford to have my name removed from the phone list and it has not been accomplished.