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Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association Complaints & Reviews

Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association - Pennsylvania / PA Natcotics Officers Association


I was at work and received a phone call on our business line from a man asking for the former manager of our store. I asked him if there was something I could help him with and he said that he needed to speak with a manager, the owner or anyone else in charge. I asked him what the nature of the phone call was and he became irritated said that he was calling from a non profit charity. I asked him what the charity was and he said the Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association. I told him that we are a corporate store and that many levels of management had to approve donations and that no-one at...

Pennsylvania Narcotics Officers Association / Continued phone calls


These people have been calling me everyday for about a week. I've asked them to remove me from their list but they refuse. They don't listen when I tell them not to call, they reply by saying things like, "you don't know why I'm calling, I'm not soliciting, etc". Today they called again and told me I made a pledge of $20. When I told them that was a lie and I never pledge or gave them any money they said, "all right Donald". I hung up. I NEVER take these kinds of calls and NEVER would give to an organization over the phone. I want them to stop. Phone number on my caller id is 800-307-3697.