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PATLive Complaints & Reviews

PATLive - Florida, Tallahassee / RIPOFF COMPANY

Sep 11, 2011

This company ripped me off by trying to overcharge my account with lines I never ordered! Stay away from this company...Google the the president of the company Victor D'Aurio. His track record of complaints gives a clear understanding of what PATLive succeeds at doing...ripping people off. Buyer Beware


Sep 02, 2011

Pat Live is a scam company! They are currently set up in Tallahassee FL as a fly by night company. They have had several reports to the attorney general of Florida for deceptive business practices!Pat Live attempted to charge my credit card in the amount of $50 on two separate transactions! When these unauthorized charges appeared online with my bank, I immediately disputed the charges. Wells Fargo issued a routine investigation on this company and the unauthorized charges to my account, were reversed in my favor. A couple of months went by and I received a nasty collection call, stating that...