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Paraiso Cosmetic / Scam

May 08, 2012

Paraiso Cosmetic is one of those companies that will rip you off, all they care about is your money, doctors are okay, but management just cares about money, they kept my money after their own doctors canceled my operation. Do not get ripp off by these people, I mean it, Stay away from this type of people, if they think my money belongs to them... is fine, so mote it be. You, the one reading this lines, you have a choice, stay away from Paraiso Cosmetic.

Paraiso Cosmetic / Plastic surgery scam

Jul 09, 2014

Where to begin? This place is absolutely horrible!!! Do not be fooled by the good looks inside and what the staff will tell you, it’s all a big scam. To begin, the first time I booked my surgery, about three weeks in advance, they cancelled the surgery one day before after I had scheduled my vacation days at work simply because the doctor decided to go on vacation. No apologies, just a cancellation and nothing else could be done. I was really interested in the doctor who would be performing the surgery, so I decided to re-schedule. I had told the coordinator that I would be financing my surgery...