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Ottoman Group LLC Complaints & Reviews

Ottoman Group LLC - New York, New York / Upfront Fee Scam

Nov 23, 2013

SCAM ALERT Ian ( Iain ) Horsburgh Ottoman Group OGI SA The Firm FRAUD I have just discovered that Ian ( Iain) Horsburgh is a member of the crime syndicate Ottoman Group aka OGI aka SA aka The Firm aka Lynx. Ian changes between the names Ian and Iain not to be recognized by electronic search robots, as well as which company he represents. He switches his social media profiles on and off in an attempt to avoid getting caught. Ian Horsburgh operates through the illegal enterprise Ottoman Group as well as OGI, SA, The Firm and Lynx. The Ottoman Group's way of conducting their scam is to charge...

Ottoman Group LLC - New York, New York / SCAM Brent Purin Ottoman Group OGI SA Lynx FRAUD

Nov 18, 2013

SCAM Brent Purin Ottoman Group OGI SA Lynx FRAUD Referring to previous posts, Brent Purin is now confirmed as an accomplice of the Ottoman Group, a well-known investment scam. Mr. Purin, who claims to be working within the group, is systematically conducting fraud through upfront fees and retainers for investments which never pan out. Investors are reporting large losses through a smoke-and-mirrors investment fraud vehicle currently reported to and under investigation by the FBI. This crime is in breach of regulations surrounding wire fraud, attorney law fraud and federal securitie...