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Nuvella Complaints & Reviews

Nuvella / can't find an australian phone number to cancel order

Jan 17, 2018

I ordered this product in July 2017 and received my free sample. I wished to then cancel order because they r now charging me $124 every month. I am a single mother who was happy to get a free sample now I regret it greatly. I can't afford to have this money just taken out of account every month for something that I'm not using. I have written emails on "official" site and keep trying to get a refund number because u can't refund them without one. Getting a phone number where I can talk to someone is impossible. Please help me Thanking you Deanna Firmer

Nuvella / serum and cream

Dec 14, 2017

I inadvertently submitted a free sample request and have been billed monthly for 2 products. I have emailed the comoany to cancel the order but have been debited this month for the 2 products and no reply from the company. The 0800 number does not work in New Zealand and my credit card company say they can't stop the debit going through as the company has my credit card number and the only way to get this stopped is by cancelling my credit card. Needless to say, this would cause me a great inconvenience but I fear this may be my only resort. Do not fall for this scam, as it's extremely difficult to cancel the products!

Nuvella / serum

Sep 21, 2017

On April 29, 2017 I purchased a trial bottle of Nuvella Serum for $6.79. Unbeknownst to me these people decided to send me a recurring monthly bottle at the enormous fee of $133.73 per bottle. At no stage did I ask for this. My bank tells me this is a common problem with this disreputable company. I lodged a dispute via email and I called their 1800 number. They never responded to my email and when I called them they say that the problem lies with my bank. Beware everyone this is a scam!!

Nuvella / Nuvella face cream

Sep 07, 2017

I ordered a free face cream sample with Nuvella. I tried it but dind't like the cream. I wrote customer service an e-mail to cancel any further shipments.Two more shipments came and I got charged.I just called customer service and they tried to talk their way out of it.He did say and further shipments would be cancelled, but they wouldn't return my money.

Nuvella - Florida, Clearwater / skin cream charging $150. for an ounce of crap

Aug 07, 2017

this compnay will never give you your money back. I have contacted them over 8 times on the phone and they promised to return 1/3 of my money but have not. their call centre is in Clearwater, Florida but they have offices to run this scam in Dublin, England and Toronto. there is no date to cancel a trial order that is definrd in the offer so people order the trial and then are charged $150 per product on their credit card. The credit companies WILL NOT refund your money. The owner "George Reed" cannot be found on any website. this company claims to be above board and has been in business for 10 years. totally unethical and should be shut down!!!

Nuvella / eye cream and facial cream

Jul 15, 2017

I ordered the free trial with just shipping charge on June 1 today I have a 160.00 dollar charge on my account which overdrew it, I called them to to get the charges reversed they said I was a day late when I had call 2 weeks ago to cancel to make sure no other charges would come out of my account. This has put me in a very hard spot. She was rude and no help at all . My son is getting married the 28th of this month and I have to leave for Michigan imminently after to be with my broth who is dying of cancer . Iv never seen such a scam I need my money back

Nuvella / health cream product

Jun 06, 2017

They the company Nuvella advertise a free product sample. I didn't order their product but like others got charged $161.35 on my credit card dated April 24, 2017. This company is a scam say away. Buyer beware. They approached me on email and promoted a trial sample and pay for shipping only. When I was charged on my credit card I called my bank to help me resolve my problem. I got in contact with the fraud department. They actually called the company Nuvella with me being the third party on the phone line. We eventually got to talk to a manager and got future delivers stop. Now we are looking at a customer refund on my credit card.

Nuvella - Saskatchewan, Saskatoon / Free sample

May 03, 2017

On April, 2017 I ordered "free samples" of Nuvella skin care products - "just pay shipping". I received order confirmation that a charge for $5.79 would be processed on my master card. Subsequently I received a small sample tubes of the cream. While I received my credit card statement today, I see that I was charged $149.93 on April 15 from without my permission. After I called the card center and find out it is Nuvella. The staff of the card center told me that lot of people have my situation and complaint this company but they don't have the refund at all. Don't trust Nuvella Free Sample and it is false.

Nuvella - Ontario, Toronto / unauthorized cc billing

May 03, 2017

I am so mad! I got my trial Nuvella. Today I realized that a place I didn't know of (I had to google it) billed me for $161.00 for a product I didn't even know existed! The place Wonder, (UK business) a totally different creams etc.. I called Nuvella to not only cancel my account but to ask them if they sell or give our info out to other companies. How can you be billed if you didn't agree, especially not knowing what this place is?? He would NOT give me a yes or no answer!! So you HAVE to cancel your account within the first 14 days within receiving your trial or if you don't...

Nuvella - Ontario, Toronto / unauthorised charges

Apr 18, 2017

On March 23, 2017 I ordered "free samples" of Nuvella skin care products - "just pay shipping". I received order confirmation that a charge for $7.69 and $5.79 would be processed on my VISA Debit card. Subsequently I received 2 very small sample tubes of the cream. While reviewing my bank statement today I see that I was charged $149.93 on April 6 from a company called Honors Beauty and $143.31 on April 10 from a company called Gentle Touch. After some research I discovered that both these companies names are associated with Nuvella. I called the company to complain and ask for my money back...

Nuvella - Ontario, Toronto / Trial offer of skin cream

Apr 15, 2017

So basically I answered a call to try the trial offer paying only postage. Before I had even finished my 30 day sample I noticed my credit card had been charged 122plus133 for whatever I gave no permission to carry on and consider me a willing customer!i am trying to locate a confirmation number all I can see is customer service order 2BB7F5FF02