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Nulexa Complaints & Reviews

Nulexa - Texas, McKinney / What a scam

Mar 11, 2016

Thanks to all who have posted I got mine bottles today they said 3 days here is 7 days, after reading what everyone had to say I canceled my card so they could not charge me more then the shipping cost . I got the bottles and they are not trial size these are full size bottles so they lost out on scamming me I canceled my card and when they try to get money the card is no good now I just have to wait till the bank sends me a new card in 7 to 10 days but I can wait no problem . This time the tables are turned on them . Sorry for yall you who where rip off by this company it's a shame these...

Nulexa / Fell for a scam

Apr 28, 2015

What a scam! I ordered the free trial from Nulexa, after naively assuming I would have enough time to cancel if I didn't like the product. After being shipped from US to Canada, I had about 3 days with the product before my cancellation was up. My first and last mistake was assuming that I could trust their claims, and that I would have sufficient time to cancel, since shipping the product took 11 of the 14 days. Realizing my error, I called in Customer Service and spoke to Jeffrey. He not only informed me that it was too late to cancel, but also that I had another $110 bottle of Nulexa...

Nulexa / unauthorized order

Apr 06, 2015

This is a scam. Tried the $5 offer for nulexa (Skin Essentials). Had rashes immediately the day after with the little amount of cream used. Packed it up in its original box and returned it to its originating address. Now they are charging $115 dollars for the 2 jars I did not authorize. Tried to call their customer serrvice ( a call center somewhere in Asia) and customer service is adamant that it had gone the 14 day trial and the charges were legit and would not hear about the real product outcome of rashes. Online buyers beware and avoid the agony of being charged for unauthorized unsafe cosmetics.

Nulexa / taking money without athourization

Feb 23, 2015

After purchasing a tester for a couple of Dollars their was nothing said that they would bill me after 14 days if not cancelled. Now they have proceeded into my Canadian Tire Master Card Account and decided to bill me for $224.00 after we had cancelled with this com pany so i would advice anyone to see if their's any scamms written about any Company's before purchasing anything online. Another thing I to am from anothe Country Italy to be exact but before I go and get a job somewhere where it requires to speak English and also understanding the person that is speaking it to you than...

Nulexa - England, Hertfordshire, Watford / Taking money from my Account without my authorty after a Free trial and £2.99 P&P

Jan 17, 2015

This company offered a free trial of anti ageing cream with a £2.99 P&P charge only!! they have now taken 2 payments of £75.95 from my A/C without my authority. How do i stop this? I do not have the Copmapny address or contact number. The product was Nulexa and the number on my A/C statement is 8885596568Diet1000.

Nulexa / cannot afford it

Jan 17, 2015

can you please cancel anymore cream as i thought it was a free sample after reading some letters on the web it is telling people not to bye anymore because they send it every month and i am only a pensioner and can not afford it so can you please make sure they don't send anymore mrs reed

Nulexa - England, Hampshire, southampton / Taking money from credit card without authorisation

Jan 14, 2015

I ordered a sample which was £3. 95 pp. I never received this ample. My credit card hasbeeen debited with £2. 00, £2. 95, £2. 96, £79. 95, £79. 95. I spoke to customer services of nelexa pn 31 december when i realised the first £79. 95had gone thro. They told me and i had an email confirming this that they would refund the £79. 95, and cancel the order. They have subsequently put thro another £79. 95. Hence they owe me aprox. £169.

Nulexa / Deceptive advertising

Jun 21, 2014

I ordered NuLexa, along with NuVie on 5/17/2014 (order #1080.266 for NuLexa) as promoted on the Dr. Oz show. The offer repeatedly stressed the free trial cost of $4.95 shipping. At the ads bottom there also appeared a seal stating 100% satisfaction guaranteed. However, instead of taking the offer at face value (to which 99% of the ad was devoted), the buyer had to access and read the fine print of terms which were not noted in any manner in the ad itself. The fact that the Dr. Oz show fully endorsed these two products was extensively highlighted in the ad. Dr. Oz, of course, having been called...

Nulexa / Scam

May 22, 2014

Advertised FREE samples only pay shipping. Next month, $90 charge on my account, called to complain and they refused to credit my account and actually wanted to ship me MORE merchandise which I did NOT want! They are a scam and DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! Nowhere in the ad does it give you a price for the "free" trial and automatic shipments thereafter! This is a scam and the better business bureau should DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

Nulexa / Company steals money and doesn't provide products

Apr 03, 2014

I wanted to warn all people that the company Nulexa is scam. Also I wanted to find other deceived customers, who lost money or the company stole it from them. The company charged me twice and took about $150 in total. I filled several forms on the website, but no one replied. Please, if someone here had the same experience, can you help to return money back?