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Nuderma / Failed to send product after charging my visa

Nov 08, 2014

I was given 1 month to cancel my account after receiving the "free" trial. That day fell on a weekend and so I missed calling them to cancel. They said in the automated message when I did call that my account had been charged and the product shipped on October 4th. I called them over two weeks later to find out why I had not received the paid for product. They said that was the charge for my original "free" product, even though their message said that they had shipped a 2nd product. They refused to refund my account, or send the product. They referred me to the website, which I had never been...

Nuderma / Not canceling order

Feb 25, 2015

I have the same complaints as everyone else on this NuDerma SCAM!! I ordered a $4.95 trial saying GI you emailed & cancelled within 14 days no further shipments would be sent. I did this; they continue to send me this crap; which broke my face out!!! They REFUSE TO RETURN ANY OF MY MONEY!! I have been in & out of the hospital; lost my job & my Mom passed away and I'm barely able to put food on the table; but they refuse to do anything!! I'm going to contact local media if my money isn't returned by 3/10/15, , , Disgusting group of GREEDY SCAMMERS WITH NO HUMAN COMPASSION WITH A PRODUCT THAT WAS TERRIBLE

Nuderma / skin cream

Feb 18, 2015

NuDerma Skin C are p.o. Box 25380 Has been charging my credit card for things I have not authorized. They have sent three skin care products and charged me 89.15 for each. I did not order that. They advertised a free sample and that is how they got my credit card number. I will have to go to my bank to have my card changed and see if I can get those charges reversed. This is a rotten scam. I was never informed they were going to do this.

Nuderma / Charged Stolen credit card.

Jan 21, 2015

My card was stolen and charges was made to my card for Nu Durma cosmetics, when I called this company I explained what happen and the lady assisting me said I had no recourse, her name was Debra, very very rude. Take my advice and DO NOT deal with these people. I am out $183.29 and have nothing to show for it. To top it off that would have paid for my husbands nausea drugs after the next round of chemo. Takes all kind in this world, and there is a special place for them, GOOD LUCK Debra you are going to need it !!!

Nuderma / complete scam

Nov 18, 2014

I ordered from facebook, as many others did, thinking it was a free trial of loreal. You will not receive a free trial, but will just be billed for an ongoing subscription of something else. In my case it was Nuderma skin junk. It not only cost me 160.00, but broke my face out like a lobster. When I called the company and threw a fit they give the run around about fine print. They also claim you get the free trial after you subscribe. Total scam artists..

Nuderma / They charge me 89.15 for a free sample

Nov 06, 2014

I soe on facebook an ad about free samples of face cream they wiil charge only 2.95 for chiping I agrre with that they send me the produt it was a 0.50 oz botlle of face cream couple of days they charge credit card the chipping then on10/03/14 they charge my credit card again for 89.15 Ithink this is a scam iam on ss check and looking bargains and real free samples and they took my money and i whats my money back