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Nikademus Lawman Complaints & Reviews

Nikademus Lawman / geo-economic, geopolitical, military & intelligence expert - target of defamation

Jan 07, 2018

Nikademus Lawman is the owner of Illuminati Killers, a reputable alternative media organization that regularly serves as a thought leader in the field of geopolitical exegesis. Besides providing cutting edge analysis, the group was one of the first to cater to a broader demographic (those between ages 15-40 and not possessive of political/academic depth) while making substantive matters palatable to the same. Unfortunately, Nikademus Lawman has come under attack by a libeler who posted egregious falsities about Nikademus here on this site, including that Nikademus, an individual who is a professional...

Nikademus Lawman / social media pervert and troll

Aug 15, 2017

Please be on the lookout and beware of suspected terrorist and child molester pedophile who goes by the name of "Nikademus Lawman." He is on a great many social media websites where he spews anti-American and hate-filled terrorist rhetoric, as well as sending private messages seeking children to molest. Why FaceBook and other social media websites have not banned him is a mystery to all involved, but hopefully will start to scrutinize his social media postings and messages and lock this pervert terrorist pedophile up where he belongs.