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Nexon America Complaints & Reviews

Nexon America - Texas, Anson / A joke company

Sep 2, 2015

Vindictus is about the most rip off game i have ever played there moderators in the forums are a joke you cant have any one use your pc or ip address to talk to them or they think your the owner witch is really scary that they can track your pc and all your info before it starts. There enhancement is a joke there gm's can run around with max gear but they offer no protection for the players to get past 10 to 15 they say it is against T.O.S. to buy or sell nx or gold but every one in game you see with max gear is buying gold and they never get bann real fair. on top of it nexon his selling...

Nexon America - Illinois, Zion / customer support


So, I forgot my password for my Mabinogi game account and I went through the password retrieval process and both times I got temporary passwords that did not work. =/ I called the number that is supposed to be the corect number for their customer support and a voice said over and over again, "thank you for calling nexon america customer support line. If you know your party's extension please dial it now." and then it was silent for a good minute or two and it kept on repeating that. This is ###. People spend real money on this game and its ridiculous we can't get any help. Who can i complain to?

Nexon America - California / Unethical business practices


I am writing this letter in simple English in order that everyone can read and understand my words. Before I begin, let me point out that we must tell Nexon where it can stick it. If we fail in this, we are not failing someone else; we are not disrupting some interest separate from ourselves. Rather, it is we who suffer when we neglect to observe that Nexon's belief systems stink of cover-ups, stalls, diversionary tactics, legal maneuvering, and other measures that pass off all sorts of phlegmatic and obviously scornful stuff on others as a so-called "inner experience". There's no...

Nexon America / Banning!


My 13yo daughter was playing Maple Story and noticed a software glitch. The monsters were not attacking her. She continued to play the game as any kid would do. The next day she was banned from the site for hacking! Since Nexon has no published numbers, we submitted the problem via their "customer service" interface - what a joke. The response we got back said: "Be advised that continuing to stay online while experiencing a glitch is considered exploiting and carries the same penalty as if you were hacking intentionally. If you become glitched again in the future be sure to log off...