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Newark Yellow Cab Complaints & Reviews

Newark Yellow Cab - New Jersey, Newark / Taxi fare overcharge

Nov 29, 2015

I took a Newark taxi on Nov 29 from Newark airport to Brooklyn home. The fare should be $77 plus tolls. However, the taxi driver 3F81 named Ali asked for additional $15 for out-of-network service in Brooklyn plus over 15% tips. The guy was really rude. Although the fare could be reimbursed by my company, I told him that his attitude was not good. Hope the taxi company in NJ needs to provide their taxi driver with proper training toward more professionalism.

Newark Yellow Cab - New Jersey, Newark / overcharged

Nov 16, 2012

I took a cab from Newark airport to Bayonne. It was almost midnight. Cab driver was very very rude and as if he is paying some obligation to me. He was very angry when I did not know directions. As if we should know? I was new in the town and it was midnight. So I tolerated him. He had to take out his GPA. Address was not difficult. In the end he asked for 60$ and it was like rip-off. I was expecting 20-30$ at max. He was very rude and did not accept credit cards. I was frightened and had to pay the amount. He did not help me putting my luggage in the trunk or getting that out. It was freezing cold and I wanted to get to place of my stay. I want to know where to file complaint.