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Nationwide Marketing solutions Complaints & Reviews

Nationwide Marketing solutions - Washington / Timeshare


Received a call from a Kenny Tran ID#0912 saying he had our timeshare sold and needed escrow amount to process - had a good line and was very smooth - due to the fact my husband had been out of work for a year and we had wanted to sell and needed to sell our timeshare we got caught up in this guys line! How can these people sleep at night knowing how they are scaming people out of $$$$! We will never do this again! What really got us he had ALL of our info about our timeshare and etc!!! Also informed us we would get our certified check for the sale of the timeshare in 2-4 weeks - as I got more...

Nationwide Marketing solutions - Florida, Lake Worth / Scammed


Consumers Beware!!! In June 2009 I was solicited by Nationwide Marketing Solutions, Inc. who offered to sell one of my timeshares as they indicated they had a buyer & what they were will to pay for it was a fair price so I though why not, need less to say that was a BIG mistake as I not only listed one timeshare with them but three as they told me they had buyers for all three. The fellow that I initially spoke with who told me that they had buyers for my 3 timeshares was Wayne Stephens who was SUPPOSEDLY the Finance Director; I have to admit he was a smoother talker now that I think about it...

Nationwide Marketing solutions - Florida, Lakeworth / Gave them money to set up account


I gave this company $896.00 to open an account for the sale of my timeshare property.And now when I try to contact them there is no anwser on any of the lines .And I never recieved the documents they said they were sending me.They promised they had a buyer for my property and I trusted them.

Nationwide Marketing solutions - Arizona, Gilbert / Sale of Timeshare


My friend and I signed over our timeshare to Nationwide Marketing on August 21, 2009. The timeshare was in Cabo at Hacienda Encantada. I was dealing with Mark Preston and the sale was supposed to close on 9/30/09. I have left numerous calls and can't reach anyone at the Customer Service number. We paid them $1, 792.00 as a title search amount. What alternatives do we have? Thank you.

Nationwide Marketing solutions - Arizona, Mesa / Fraud


Ditto. I tried to research the company, but this had not surfaced when I did so. I started to worry when the charge for their services showed up on my credit card with an additional charge for a foreign transaction -- they sent the money out of the country. I have called repeatedly -- service. A rep from American Marketing called to tell me my papers were now in escrow . . . They were very knowedgeable and had a slick answer for all my questions. Congratulations to the crooks -- they got me. I tried to call the FL atty general, wouldn't take calls on the listed number from outside FL...