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National Survey Panel Complaints & Reviews

National Survey Panel / Can't stop emails


Apparently in my search for discount Tickets to Magic Springs I entered a website with promos from National Survey Panel. Now I am deluged daily with emails from multiple companys saying I authorized National Survey Panel to submit "opportunities" to my email address last August. I have taken the "opted out" option with each email and also the "opted out" option for National Survey Panel but the emails just keep coming and coming. I want the email "opportunities" to stop and are at a loss on how to make this happen.

National Survey Panel / Credit card info shared with others without permission


I went to "" Which is also currently closed down due to a scam they were pulling. I was asked the question " Who makes the best soda" in which I was promised a $100.00 Visa gift card. I was then taken to who asked you to do a 3 min. survey regarding Coke Vs. Pepsi. In appreciation of my completion of this survey, I would receive a $25.00 direct deposit from Walmart & an additional $10.00 deposit from online supplier. STUPID ME!!! I gave them debit card # in which to place these rewards. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. No reward deposits but...