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Morton Plant Hospital Complaints & Reviews

Morton Plant Hospital / Nightmare at Morton Plant Hospital

Feb 21, 2012

When I presented to Morton Plant Emergency Room in Clearwater Florida, on march 9th, 2010, classical signs and symptoms of a stroke, I had the utmost confidence I would be helped. At the very least be reassured I was not in any danger of having a serious medical problem, one that could affect my life. I expected to be treated by an experienced emergency room physician, with the highest credentials obtainable, (This was a stroke center) not a Doctor who premeditated a plan to deter a malpractice suit, by not carrying medical malpractice insurance. One would have to conclude that the blatant...

Morton Plant Hospital - Florida, Clearwater / Crooked Practices

Jan 28, 2012

Please watch this Free Video at Avoid having something tragic happen to you or someone you love. Baycare Health System/ Morton Plant Hospital/ Ceo Steven R, Mason a crooked Hospital system, advertises themselves as a Stroke Center, yet sends elderly people home while having strokes and Heart attacks, no regard for the patients welfare, as far as they are concerned just as long as they can bill for services they counldn't care less if the patients dies or not. These folks ought to be arrested, and the Hospital replaced by, a descent Healthcare...