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MonaVie, LLC Complaints & Reviews

MonaVie, LLC - Utah, South Jordan / Monavie, LLC Threatens a Family with Personal Harm


Sadly, Monavie, LLC is encouraging its distributors to engage in Mafia type behaviror. This distributor goes by the name Just the Truth, Stuff, Stuff Stuff, and Mr. Stuff in public forums and is making threats on behalf of Monavie, LLC, an exampl of which is as follows: Hey Xxxxxx Ok here is how this is going to go down. It's taken a while, but all of the emails are put nicely together. Full details including all the routing for the ones that passed through the xxx server. The first batch will go to you wife just in case she doesn't know what you're up to, but I doubt she...

MonaVie, LLC / The Monavie Scam Detailed


Let’s look in detail why Monavie is a Scam whos business practices are unethical at best and boarder on criminal: First and foremost; too many crooks are involved with Monavie at its highest levels, along with the clinical study that was done on the juice. Dallin Larsen, Monavie CEO, was previously an owner and Vice-President of the company Dynamic Essentials, Inc. This company focuses on health and wellness products, primarily nutritional supplements. In late 2003, just months before the launch of Monavie, the FDA sited Dynamic Essentials, Inc and forced them to destroy their...

MonaVie, LLC / Terrible experience


Make No Mistake: If you live in the Eugene Oregon area and have recently been hit hard by the downturn in the economy, MonaVie Blue Diamond Executives, Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman, want to meet with you. BEWARE!!! The Todd Bishop - Amy Freeman Team is VERY good at telling you exactly what you want to hear with respect to MonaVie and success: That is, you have a chance to regain your life and then some with MonaVie. Think again... Since Todd Bishop and Amy Freeman began promoting the MonaVie Business in 2005, they have personally left a small town worth of people (businesses) behind with no support...