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Michael Van Complaints & Reviews

Michael Van / Fraud and Extortionist

Apr 22, 2011

Michael Van, Las Vegas Attorney with Shumway, Van and Hansen is a Fraud, Con Artist and Extortionist. He is a fake Mormon who uses his religion as a way to get people to trust him. He will tell clients he will go into the grey areas for them. What he means is he is a liar and will break the rules. Don't hire him or his firm. He is a terrible attorney. He will not keep his word and he will turn on you if you have any disputes with him. Ask for client references or ask other attorneys. No one benefits from working with or hiring Mike Van. I wished someone would have warned me about him before I had to learn the hard way.

Michael Van - Nevada, Las Vegas / Fraud, Con Artist

Apr 11, 2011

Michael (Mike) Van is a Fraud and a Con Artist Las Vegas Attorney. He has moved from one firm to another and makes his living thru fraud, extorting people and being a con man attorney. Michael Van is hated by most people who know him or work with him. He uses his church (Mormon) as credibility but he is in fact very dishonest, unethical and immoral. He routinely breaks the rules in his dealings and has no moral compass. Stay away from Michael Van and his firm Shumway, Van and Hansen. They should all be disbarred.