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Medic Care Limited Complaints & Reviews

Medic Care Limited / Stay away

Sep 06, 2011

I was informed by their agent that i had been recommended as the preferred mortgage broker of their choice in my area and would be on the NHS extranet and also on posters, monthly NHS magazine and in full view at clinics, doctors and hospital staff rooms for their members of the NHS to consider my advice. I have now had the service for 3 months and I was informed that i would receive a large numbers of referrals and whether i would be able to manage the anticipated introductions, WHAT A JOKE this has not taken place and i have hasd no contact with any new clients from this advertising.I HAVE RANG...

Medic Care Limited / Avoid like the plague

May 10, 2011

I was sold advertising by this company on the promise that my advert would be appearing daily to 20, 000 local nhs staff who HAVE to use their intranet pages daily to use other services, not just sitting on a hidden page. Since the service 'started' in september I have not had one single enquiry, and neither do i believe my advert is ever seen - I have had people who work for the local nhs check the pages and they cannot find my ad anywhere despite looking for it. No where has ever heard of these 'gold cards' and from what I can see it is just very clever salesman tactic...