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McCarthy Audi Umhlanga / Lies and Corruption

Jul 31, 2012

I purchased a car from McCarthy Audi Umhlanga through Audi Hatfield in Pretoria. I paid over the deposit, signed the contract to the effect that Audi Hatfield got the release note from Standard bank. Promises were made that the car was coming the next day for a week and two days. Today the said they made a mistake with the stock number and the car is not coming. But there is a ray of light in the tunnel, they have got a better car for the same price. Still waiting invoicing / photos from that car.

McCarthy Audi Umhlanga / Dishonest sales and after service

Jan 16, 2012

In Feb of 2010 I purchased a vehicle from audi umhlanga. This was the second vehicle in that year that i purchased from the same dealership. I was promised a spare key and was told that the vehicle was not involed in any accidents and is in good condition. After later inspection at an independent dealership indicated that the vehicle WAS involved in an accident, since then i have water building up in my back tail lights and water leaking into the car.(From the back door). I am also waiting for my SPARE KEY promised. I have spent time and money going to the dealership and calling them for the...