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Marshall Reddick Complaints & Reviews

Marshall Reddick - California / Ripped Off By Marshall Reddick


If you have been ripped off by Marshall Reddick and his preferred brokers, management companies, and others related to Marshall Reddick, please forward an e-mail to me at [email protected] I am keeping a list of all investors who purchased a property from Marshall Reddick. I am located in California. Thanks. Eileen

Marshall Reddick - California / Liar, Scam Artist,Lost Thousands


We lost most of our retirement because we believed that Marshall Reddick was a man of his word. We bought 2 properties in AZ in early 2006 based on his recommendations and used his referral realtor. He knew the market there was already diving, but he continued to promote it as the top market. We had a horrible experience with Brewer Caldwell, the realtor/property management company, including damage to one of the properties that they would not take responsibility for. (They let potential renters have access to the property without supervision.) We went almost a year without renters even though...