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Magnavox Complaints & Reviews

Magnavox / LED TV, 55ME314V/F7

Nov 3, 2016

On November 2, 2016, after less than two years of owning this TV, it made a single loud popping noise and powered off. Since then, I have been unable to turn the TV back on. I called Magnavox support and was told: 1. It is a defective part that is causing the issue 2. The TV is out of warranty, so support won't help me 3. There are no service centres in southern ontario, Canada The last means that even if it was within warranty, Magnavox aren't capable of servicing the set anyways. It also means that the defective TV I have is not supported, Magnavox has no service centres that I could even throw money at to get it fixed, and I'm stuck.

Magnavox / Turns on and off when it wants to

Mar 30, 2013

I bought the Magnavox model number 42MF231D/37 around the end of 2007. I am having a problem with it turning on by itself. Soon after that it turns itself back off. No picture pops up or sound. It just clicks on for a few seconds and then clicks back off. I have had a few other issues with screen pixelation but if I switch to a different input and switch back it normally goes away. I was just seeing if anyone else had this same issue and new of a way to solve it. Thanks.

Magnavox - California / Digital Video Disc Recorder & Cassette Recorder

Feb 17, 2011

Product ZV427MG9 A, Digital Video Disc Recorder & Video Cassette Recorder, purchased at Walmart. Still under manufacturer warranty but can't get help online or phone from manufacturer. This unit worked well transferring VHS tapes to DVD for several months. Suddenly, when I insert a tape as usual, it makes a terrific clacking noise, and spits the video out, with the tape all chewed up and hanging out, destroying the video. There's nothing about this problem in the owner's manual, Walmart said they only give 30 days to return, the manufacturer Magnavox Customer Service said I had the...

Magnavox - Indiana, Elkhart / TV


We bought a 32MD350B/f7 from Sam's and it worked great for the first three months. Now we have problems with it not wanting to turn off and none of the control buttons on the bottom of the TV work. So now I have to take it to one of their service centers and have it fixed. The parts will be under warranty but I have to pay for the labor even though it's only 5 months old . What a friggen rip off, I'll never buy another Phillips or Magnavox product!

Magnavox - Washington / magnavox plasma TV


On about November 2006 I bought a Magnavox model 42mf231d/37 plasma TV from Target in Washington for 1600 dollars. On 07/09/2010 the TV lost picture and started smoking so I unplugged it and called Magnavox all I have received from them is a huge run around and they tell me they are not liable that the TV is out of warranty. I have mentioned to Magnavox and Philips that the TV is affected nationwide and there is thousands of consumers they have hurt by this defect that they knew about. Magnavox will not help me they just hang up. I called a local tech he told me the cost to fix...

Magnavox / cant delete channels


I have inherited a magnavox 37MF231D/37, besides the well-known problems of the tv turning off randomly and having the trouble with the set powering on, I also have no manual and am having trouble deleting channels that the autoprogram has selected. Can anyone help me with this problem? The remote will not let me arrow-down to "preferred channels" and I don't know why. Also, live customer service won't help, I tried them and they had no answer.

Magnavox - Oregon, Union / menu popup


I purchased a magnavox 50MF231D/37 plasma tv..the menu is constantly popping up, sometimes it gets so bad we just shut it off.. According to the phillips web site, all I need to to is a software upgrade, yet no matter how many times I attempt to download the update, (following the instructions step for step )it will not install the updates...and the menu popup seems to get more frequent and more annoying..Why won't the firmware update?? how do I fix this thing???

Magnavox - Ohio, Cincinnati / 50MF231D


We purchased a 50" Magnavox Plasma TV in December of '07. Like all of the other complaints about this model, it shuts off immediately once it's turned on or you can't turn it on without unplugging and plugging it back in multiple times. Well, it finally decided to not come back on at all now. So, being the computer savvy people that we are, we read the complaints and the reviews and we removed the power supply. We then went on line to attempt to order the power supply, and guess what?...You can't find it ANYWHERE!! Not even a compatible one! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! It'...

Magnavox - Washington / defective TV


I bought the Magnavox 32MF231D/37 in 6-06 and just like everyone else started experiencing random problems with the TV almost immediately. While the picture stayed on, the sound mutes whenever it feels like it. I was told this was a satellite issue although no one else in my condo has experienced this. Now the menu screen appears and nothing I have tried will eliminate the screen for more than a few seconds at a time. After reading all the complaints, I see I am screwed and might as well toss it out and buy another TV. I will be sure to pass on to everyone I know what a terrible product Magnavox produces.

Magnavox - Alabama, Scottsboro / Defective


The television will shut off by itself. At times it won't cut off by using the remote or trying to turn it off manually. She is having to actually unplug the television from the outlet. We have read several complaints involving this and have been looking this televisioin up. We would recommend not buying a Magnavox product. It is a defective product from the manufacturing plant and magnavox doesn't stand behind their product and customer support is rude and will not acknowledge a recall but if you google this you will see these problems occuring. We are looking at putting a class action lawsuit into motion and looking for people to join. Her name is Leona Frank at address and phone number above.

Magnavox - Ohio / Screen


We purchased a Magnavox 42MF230A/37 a couple of years ago. The begining of this year, we started getting a color band on top and we would turn the TV off for a couple of minutes and it would be okay for awhile. We noticed this more frequently and then after awhile the screen went blank, we would have sound but no picture. We took it to a reputable repair shop and they said that they are unable to get parts. I called Customer Service and all they gave me was an address for me to send a written complaint. We have several tv's in our home (some are 15 years old) and we have never had to have them repaired. All I want is for Magnavox to step up to plate and address all of these complaints that are on this website.



After 20 months and not a great deal of use, my 42" Magnavox HDTV (42mf230a) screen is now blank. It has worked great until one day the screen had a shower of multicolered pixels then just went blank. "Color Card" has gone out? I would like to know why the new expensive TV's that are supposed to be great are bult with Sh*^#y parts. The saddest thing is that the company knows of this problem, because they sent us a letter to buy an extended warrenty because they stated that the screen going out is likley to happen! Its all a sham.

Magnavox / 3 little screws


Very loyal consumer of magnavox that will never buy another magnavox product as long as I live! Brand new 32" LCD TV bought from best buy today but 3 little screws that bolt TV to stand aren't in box. So they want me to fax in proof of purchase for them to send them to me. Why? I can understand for a remote control but tiny screws that cost them not even a dollar! And I just spent 400 for 1 TV not including my surround sound and other flat screen and digital converter box. So my recent purchase resides on my loveseat until I get my screws or maybe I will take it back and get a vizio. Magnavox must be doing really well during this recession to not need my hard earned 400.

Magnavox - Georgia, Marietta / 37& LCD Television Not Working


03/07/09 I purchased a Magnavox LCD 37 HDTV in Dec. of 2006 from Sears in Houston Texas. The model # is: 37MF231D/37. On the morning of June 12th, 2008 I turned the TV on and got no picture or sound only a red blinking light for about 5 minutes and then the TV turned on. I unplugged it from the wall for about 10 minutes, plugged it back in and got the same response. I called Magnavox customer care and explained everything. We attempted some routine troubleshooting which I had already done. Then she informed me that the TV was out of warranty. She suggested a repair shop VTS in Houston and said...

Magnavox - Illinois / Warranty & Repair


Magnavox warranty is worthless and the service people they use are just as worthless. For the chicagoland area only two service places are given and they are both rip offs. They have to make a dianogstic call and charge $129.00 to $150.00 for that and then order the part and charge for the return visit. The two service places are Rex TV in Worth, IL and A & G in Oak Lawn. And they both know if the TV is under warranty you will more than likely use them if you want your TV fixed and stick it to Magnavox's customers. NOT I will go buy another TV before using either one of these rude jerk...

Magnavox / Shuts off for no reason


I bought a magnavox 27" tv about 4 months ago. All the sudden, ill be watching tv, and the damn thing will just shut off. Ill turn it on, then it will just shut off again. Some times it will stay on for 10 min, sometimes not even ten seconds. In the course of a minute, i will have to turn in back on about 6-7 times. I called magnavox, and they told me i would have to PAY to have someone fix it. Not only that, that i would have to lug the tv across town, the Pay for someone to fix my 4 month old tv. Magnavox sucks, im telling everyone. They are about to get some really really bad pre...