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Luster Rubber Mfg. Corp. Complaints & Reviews

Luster Rubber Mfg. Corp. / leaving luster

Dec 18, 2011

>>TOP REASONS FOR LEAVING LUSTER<< 1. SSS, Pag-Ibig & Phil Health are not remitted on time. 2. The management system didn't change. It still Management worrying about themselves not the company/employees. 3. Employees recognition is always ignored. 4. Continual improvement was never met. 5. Management goals are about themselves and their salary, not the company, and no one else. 6. Employee favoritism. 7. Undying rumors, leach (sipsip), instigators, and busybodies (Pakialamero). 8. Wage and allowance increases terminated. 9. Corrupt management. 10. Rubber vs. Plastic people. 11...

Luster Rubber Mfg. Corp. / Letter of Complaint

Dec 18, 2011

December 14, 2011 To: The Management Good Day! In behalf of regular employees I made this letter for such reasons. I remain silent after a few months of resigning as Production Planning, same as all Line Leaders who resigned and here is another chance of broughting it up. It is obvious that you’re still doing UNFAIR treatment to us. You still didn’t recognized us as your regular employee, nor you always treat us an ordinary people/worker. This is not envy or jealousy that you think of, which made us to be upbeated and frustrated, hello!? It’s clearly UNFAIR! When we are in...