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Jul 29, 2015

I have recently came across they offered me an opportunity as a radiography assistant, but said I had to do a course at the infamous 52 Skyline Village, Canary Wharf. And pay 200pounds, prior my interview. I had my suspicions and thanks to this thread, I didn't not part with my money. I am so disappointed someone can get away with this. I felt slightly vulnerable to this scam after hoping this could be my big career opportunity. They are still running courses now. I can't believe this is still happing. The messages on this thread are all to familiar same names addresses emails etc even the same phone numbers. LONDONRECRUIT.NET must not be trusted under any circumstance. / Fake online job advert on gumtree

Sep 11, 2015

I applies for nanny job on Gumtree. London Recruitment ( Tricked me into giving them £20 for a chance to interview for a job that was not advertised as an agency listing. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!! Below is an example of the email they send me after i paid the £20. Includes Typo Thank you for taking an interest in registering with London Recruitment as a Nanny. If you require any further help my contact number is [protected] and ask for Heena. I am happy to say I have put you forward for the Nanny position, I will be contacting you the Friday before the training to...