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lighthouse Recovery Associates Complaints & Reviews

lighthouse Recovery Associates - Colorado, Centennial / Unauthorized inquiry

Sep 29, 2011

Lighthouse Recovery Associates placed an authorized inquiry on my credit report! Why did they do this? I didn't apply for credit with them and have no outstanding debt with them. This is illegal and unethical. What kind of scam are they running?

lighthouse Recovery Associates - Colorado, Centennial / Fraudulent


I recieved an email from a gentleman named Chris Hagerman today in my spam box. I was recently a victim of a fraudulent company. The gentleman I spoke to named Michael Kimsey could not provide me any information other than an amount owed. He had my information. This is pretty scary to me. I filed with the FBI, FTC, BBB, my bank, and my attorney general against the other company. I will be ordering my credit report and filing fraud charges against this company as well when I find out that they are trying to get a hold of my information as well. Please check out /link removed/ as well to know that this gentleman and his supposed company is scamming you.

lighthouse Recovery Associates / Whiners


All you people complaining about Lighthouse Recovery Associates, are a bunch of immature, irresponsible whiners. I took out a pay-day loan through, and my financial situation at the time didn't allow me to pay the loan back in the time i had agreed to pay. When it was placed in LRA's collections office, for dealing with collectors, they treated me with respect and offerred me a good settlement. You people who take the time to get on here and complain about people who are just doing their jobs, when you could get on the phone and pay the bill that is your responsiblity, are...

lighthouse Recovery Associates - Colorado, Centennial / Debt Recovery


I received a voicemail from a Chris Haggerman at LRA stating he was in the "process of filing paperwork to send to my payroll department" implying I am either going to be sued or garnished. I tried to call back and got only voicemail. I had no idea who or why they were calling, this was the first contact I had received from them. After doing some searching online, I understand. I have saved the voicemail for future use and have contacted the FTC and Attorney General and filed formal complaints. I cannot believe this company allows their associates to call a place of business and leave such voicemails that can be saved! Wow.

lighthouse Recovery Associates - Colorado, Centennial / payday loans


I receive phone calls daily at work from lighthouse recovery. They are harrassing me, threatening me, asking for my supervisor and the H.R. department where I work. they threaten to sue me and garnish my wages before taxes. I am sending them a verification letter by certified mail. i do not know how much i supposedly owe them or from whom. They said when they sue me, i obviously will not be able to go to court because it is in another state, in turn they would able to garnish my wages here in New York State.