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Sep 29, 2016

i have been on that site for years. never done anything to get in trouble with them. i loved there site and enjoyed the time that i was on there. i uploaded a ton of photos and somehow a pic of me when i was a child ended up in the pile. instead of removing the photo and giving me a warning. they canceled my account and when i tried to open a new account they deleted it. i finally made a new account and posted what was going on and that i felt they handled it unfairly and they deleted my account again. so i emailed them asking why and they said i lied and bashed them publicly. one i never... / Terrible Customer service

Apr 14, 2016

I had a horrible experience as well - and I suspect I dealt with the same rude douche you did. I couldn't believe what was happening...I had never really been treated that way before. I won't claim I didn't violate their terms and conditions - it is possible I did...but as I said to the customer service rep...who reads the fine print?? In my case I had posted a photo ID of myself on my profile. My profile contained my actual name and I was a Premium paying member of the site. The picture of my photo ID wasn't meant to offend anyone it was just me being open. Ironically I read here about... - Georgia / Premature Canceling of Account

Dec 11, 2011

I found my account deleted after creating it within 20 minutes. canceled my account prematurely and twice. I decided to recreate another account very quickly and blogged the issue of being kicked off. Then deleted that account as well as blog. I stuck to the user agreement because I didn't break the rules within 20 minutes of creating and updating my profile with rated (G) shots. If anything Lifeout polices itself like an authoritarian state with no margin for error in their own views. If anything I ask others to not invest their resources or time in this website whether gay, straight, or etc.