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Lend America Complaints & Reviews

Lend America - New York, Melville / Pushy, Lying and Decept


Back in November 2008 we were planning on refinancing and debt consolidation of our home. We had seen an ad on TV about mortgage refinancing and debt consolidation through a government back mortgage program. So I had called to get more information and had talked to Etna Rosso of Lend America and she told us everything we needed to do. She told us to take pictures of our house and send to them and I did. She then started complaing and had gotten real pushy about us getting the house painted and in better condition so they could statrt the process and appraisal of our house. Well I went to...

Lend America - New York / Warning: Don't make the same mistake


First of all, the closing consisted of multiple Truth and Lending Statements, all with different amounts, which I refused to sign. My loan was not what was promised to me. Then it took Lend America over 1 month to pay off my previous loan, which effected the amount of credit I recieved from my old mortgage company and a late payment on my credit report. With a HUD loan, we were promised Lend America would pay a premium for Unemployment Insurance and Rainy Day Foundation, and when I was out of work with a serious health issue 6 months later, I was unable to apply for the Rainy Day Foundation...

Lend America / lend america


in fall of 2009 i spoke with lend america for a first time home buyer loan three months later they finally contacted me back and said that we were pre-approved for $223.000.00 loan.. they would have another department get with us to go farther. In jan. 2010 i recieved an email from someone saying that they would like to help us in purchasing a home that they were from the company lend america. I send back an email saying that if they could please send me a listing of homes in my area. 2 weeks later i get another email sayiong that they are soryy but they cant help us any longer because they...

Lend America - Florida, Williston / Lost check


I actually got my refinance done and everything paid off, but one of the checks to the credit card company was lost in the mail. I have been trying to reach Lend America since Nov. They closed the company but were still "maintaining customer services", which was a joke. No one called me back despite numerous calls and messages. Payment was done thru PSS Settlement Services/Mortgage Disbursement, but I cannot locate them. I have a substancial check in the postal black hole and I cannot locate the bank to (1) see if the check has cleared and (2) reissue if it hasn't cleared. Meanwhile, the...

Lend America - Iowa / Non Payment of Mortgage


I did a refi with Lend America that closed 11-13-09. I called Lend America on the 19th of Nov. and was told the loan had funded and good to go. Todate my old mortgage is not paid off and I am now getting current with my old mortgage company Chase. Nothing was done by Lend America after closing but send my account to there servicing unit that accepted my payment for Dec. I cant even begin to explain how this has impacted my family and my ex- wife. There is more details but I think every one gets the message of whta I m currently dealing with. Home owner in Iowa

Lend America - New York, Melville / Not paying off original mortgage


I was told by NYS Dept of Banking that Lend America was shut down by HUD. I began a refinance with Lend America (LA) in May 2009, to date this loan has not been funded. I received all the documents for the loan process online (BusinessSpaces) on May 06, 2009. I paid for the appraisal May 30, and had the appraisal conducted in June. I received an approval letter from LA in JUne and a letter from my home insurance company stating that Lend America was the new mortgagee and I was no longer responsible for the bill. In August I contacted LA because I still hadn't closed and was wondering what...

Lend America - New York, Melville / scammed


We closed Oct 3rd, and they havent paid off our 1st mortgage. I get the royal runaround from all of those crooks. Never get any calls back from messages left. Had to pay $1500 to 1st lender 2 weeks age to get out off deafult and prevent foreclosure

Lend America - New York, Melville / Possible Fraud


Ideal Mortgage Bankers, doing business as Lend America and Lending Key (Ideal), allegedly violated several Federal Housing Administration (FHA) origination and underwriting requirements, according to a review by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Mortgagee Review Board. The Mortgage Review Board alleges no fewer than 12 violations, finding that Ideal made false certifications, failed to document borrowers' income and approved loans that did not meet the FHA’s minimum credit requirements, among other charges. More than $14 million of loans were subject to...

Lend America - New York, Melville / Not Paying of old loan


We closed on a loan 8/31/09 everything seemed good then we started getting calls from our old lenders saying that we where late. I contacted customer service and they assured me that the money had been sent, but the telephone calls continued demanding payment from the old/current lenders. Lend America insist the payment has been made but the calls keep on coming. What is one supposed to do in this situation?

Lend America - New York, Melville / Unreputable


DO NOT USE LEND AMERICA! I refinanced with Lend America and it was the biggest mistake one could make. I was contacted by loan representative named Arsen who assured me that this was the best way to go. It started with my having to close the loan not once but twice. The first time there were numerous mistakes in closing documents the closer found and had to spend time on the phone getting corrected. I thought all was well and the loan would fund. I was contacted my Arsen again and was told some ### excuse that I had to close a second time. Again the closer had to make corrections and I had to...

Lend America / giving out private info to third parties


Here is a copy of an email I sent to Lend America. Their answere to my complaint was to villify me for having bad credit as iff this whole thing was my fault that they where terriable! Also my name and number was given wihout my consent to a legal office that does home modification. I feel that I should have been notified of the fact that I was not getting the loan by some fromn you company and not a person who does not work for you. I was looking to refinance not modify my mortgage. Wolfgang told me in any eariler conversation that you (LendAmerica) did not deal with any outside loan...

Lend America - New York / Can't Settle


We are selling a house we used for rental. May 30th was *supposed to have been *settlement day. It is NOW Aug.10, 2009. Settlement so far was set up and canceled 6 times thru *Lend America ! The *Buyer is getting the cold shoulder and so are we. Neither side ( our Realtor included) is able to get a phone call-BACK . Left Messages are not returned and when they DO answer the phone the same thing is said, "I have the PKG. on my desk and will have it on your desk by Monday for *Settlement. They do not TELL you which Monday and what YEAR. Joe Giacube and John Waszkiewicz are the TWO main player...

Lend America - Virginia, Petersburg / Non payment of Appraisal Fees


In 10 years of appraising real estate I have delt with alot of fraud and dishonesty, and with all the bank melt downs you would think that mortgage companies would have straighted up, This not the case with Lend America loan originater Michael O'Hara in Melville NY. After three months of phone calls and emails trying to get paid his supervisor explained that it was the owners responsibity to pay if things did not close and with the new laws the lender is not suppose to speak to the appraiser. Well he knows part of the law, the appraiser is also not suppose to except payment directely for...

Lend America - New York / poor customer service


Poor Customer Service I contacted Jason Moonshine at Lend America and he took down my details for a refinance-stated he would call me back in one hour but never called back- After several weeks I called him and he stated he had misplaced my phone numberbut would call me back later on in the day. Well, days went into weeks without call from Mr. Monshine. Finally I called Ivan and stated that I needed to talk to his executive. I immediately got a call from Mr Monshine with no acknowledgement that i needed to contact his bosses for him to call me or why there was such a lapse in him calling me-he wa...

Lend America - New York, Melville / Mishandling of Loan


James and Donna Healy 1823 S. 300 E. Anderson, IN 46017 765-378-4678 Loan number: 2009042527 Michael Primeau President Lend America Mr. Primeau: I am writing to let you know how very unhappy we are with the service received from your company while trying to obtain a loan. In late November 2008 I contacted your company concerning a loan to finish a new addition to our home. Etna Rosso, loan analyst took my call. I explained to her that we had started an addition to our home so we could make my three developmentally disabled relatives residing with us more comfortable and safe. We had enough money...

Lend America - West Virginia, Berkeley Springs / Refinancing-Not paying off old mtg loan


We refinanced our home with Lend America in Jan 2009, on May 22, 2009 our old loan company Wells Fargo had scheduled a lock out of our home. We had 20 minutes to gather belongings and get out. With four children and pets and I do not drive, my husband works in Baltimore, which is 2 hours away, I had to GET OUT. Come to find out, Lend America NEVER paid off our original loan. We have been paying them for 5 months, everything is in their computer system but all of our paperwork is supposedly been lost, gone. They at first admitted to their mistake and sent a check to Wells Fargo then turned...

Lend America / No loan after receiving approval status-plus lend america officers rude and ignoring/deleting e-mails without being read


I started the loan process with Lend America in April of 2008, was approved and it was one stall after another, (supposedly, all my loan application and private information was lost, (which was completely unprofessional and I am not sure that I can believe that to begin with and if they did, they have allowed my private and confidential information to be assessible to anyone) (Thanks for that Lend America) another company bought out who they were getting the loans from, and then finally, when I kept calling and e-mailing the underwriter and the loan processor, Lisa Staab began deleting my...

Lend America - New York / Service


We were selling our home to a couple that was going through Lend America! They told us numerous times that we were gonna close for us to pack up our home and everything! We signed a contract on September 22nd 2008 and yesterday January 5th 2009, the buyers got a call and said that the file was closed and that they were not going to do the loan! I have got over a hundred e mails from Kevin Blake at Lend America that said that everything was going good and that we should be closing soon and still nothing! I do not think that it is right for a company like Lend America to tell someone that they...