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Lammers Service Centre Complaints & Reviews

Lammers Service Centre / Almost two months to repair the gearbox

Jun 11, 2012

Please help me Lammers service centre in Pretoria, has my car a BMW 320i since about the 12 April 2012, to repair the gearbox this the second time it has been to them for the gearbox, I have been trying to communicate via mail but never received any responds i have spoken to Wimpy the owner and only got promises but no car, I am paying the instalment and insurance, I am working i Woodmead and it is costing me R500.00 a week whereas, I was part of a life club that only cost me R500.00 every three weeks . I have been very patient and set me hopes that Wimpy will deliver, every time he said that...

Lammers Service Centre / Non-Repair of vehicle

Jun 22, 2011

Vehicle Mercedez 250 turbo diesel was taken to Lammers Service Centre July 2009 for enjin replacement and to overhaul the turbo. The enjin was at last replaced and I received my vehicle 19 March 2010. I immediately reported to the person owner Wimpy that the enjin makes a lot of noise more than the previous enjin, that it is smoking and that there was no power or turbo power driving the vehicle. He requested the vehicle to be brought back as he would rectify the problems. The vehicle was taken back on numerous occassions in fact was at his workshop for 15 months from July 2009 till June 2011...