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Kahlon Complaints & Reviews

Kahlon / Bad product


They sent me a battery that did not work. they tried to problem solve the issue with me until it was too late for me to return it(according to their rules. It did not matter that they were fully aware of the issue from the time that I had received it. the head of customer service is pompous. but more importantly they boast a one year guarantee, but ignore the fact that their products do not work. they take no responsibility for items they swear are compatible, but when you try them they are not and Kahlon just keeps your money. bad people selling bad products.

Kahlon / Stay away


There are many other companies with slightly better prices and significantly more interest in customers. I purchased two products that, despite the description, were not compatible with my computer. I called and they walked me through a trouble shoot that was supposed to fix the problem. They assumed it was a problem with the cable. After a few weeks I called again because the problem continued. At that juncture I was told it was the battery I had purchased and they would replace it because it was too late for me to get a refund. I should mention that getting the com[any to even replace the...